Monday, February 16, 2009

Disney Invasion: Jasmine (Bonus)

Because she really is a tribute to the beautiful Princess of Agrabah.

(These rare scenes involving this sexy princess barefoot were taken from the Aladdin animated series sandswitched. A huge thanks to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for finding this episode and Sadira for casting the spell causing Jasmine to be barefoot for almost an entire episode.)

Aladdin ties with the Jungle Book for my favorite Disney movie. It really is Disney at its best. This film has it all...a Great Storyline, a great set of songs, great dialogue and a truly awesome set of characters. As a and my brothers watched it so many time we had the movie memorized word for word. It was that good. If you haven't seen this film yet (and there's really no excuse for that), you definitely need to check this one out. The Flying Carpet escape scene alone makes it a must watch. :-D

As for Jasmine...she's easily one of my favorite Disney princesses and extremely hard for me to imagine someone not wanting to worships this girl's feet. Not only does Jasmine have a great personality (she's compassionate and sweet while still remaining feisty enough to keep her from being dull), she's also pretty, smart and incredibly sexy. I give her a 10/10. :-D

Well needless to say...I'm gonna need a cold shower after posting this. Thanks for checking in everyone and some more Disney fun (including more scenes from Agrabah) ahead. Have a good night everyone.



  1. So legends were true! :O What exactly did that spell do? Make her live the past life of Aladdin?

    And this is also one of my favorite Disney girls. With footwear that light, who wouldn't want to see her barefoot?

    Great work!

  2. Hi Juancho,
    I was just about to e-mail you that I posted these. ^_^

    Jasmine is one of my favorite Disney girls too. :-D

    Sadira (in an attempt to seduce Aladdin) basically cast a spell that caused Jasmine and her to switch places. So Sadira becomes a princess engaged to Aladdin while Jasmine becomes a Street rat.

    It's a pretty good episode. ^_^

  3. Another excellent Job. Jasmine is hot.

    Also,in that Disney-Sailor Moon pic,Jasmine was Sailor Mars. She looked really good too.

    Can't wait to see more.

  4. you would get along with my older sister so much KSC, she has all three Aladdin movies memorized

  5. Seeing Jasmine dressed up as Sailor Mars was definitely really hot SFD. ^_^

  6. Wow...all 3 movies Match. She's quite the hardcore Aladdin fan. That's very impressive.

  7. her favorite line

    Yaggo: Jafar can you (Jafar slams his foot into Yaggo) OUCH THAT HURTS!!!

    Yaggo: Breathing heavily but suddenly revives) So, how did it go

    Jafar: I think it went, rather well.

  8. I think you mean,Iago,match? BTW is that all for the Jasmine pics?

  9. sadly yes (that i know of), it was a rare moment where they had the lovely Hime Jasmine barefooted, curse that Aladdin is the one who is barefooted in the series, what were those writers thinking with having a guy barefooted instead of the beauty?

  10. KSC mentioned a scene awhile back. he said that In an episode of Aladdin Princess Jasmine loses her shoe. and that she is chased around for awhile by the villain wearing one shoe.

  11. Yeah I was trying to find that scene for this bonus too but no luck. T_T It's difficult when I don't remember which episode it happend in or even which villain was involved. Guess I was a little too focused on her feet when it aired. ^_^; If I find it...I'll do a follow up bonus for her.

  12. As for dialogue...that was definitely a classic line Match.

    It's difficult for me to pick a favorite because the dialogue in the film was so great but me and my brothers would always crack up at a section towards the beginning.

    Merchant: Please Please. Come Closer

    The camera zooms in and presses against the Merchants face.

    Merchant: A little too close. A little too close.

  13. I also liked this one too.

    Aladdin: Sadly yes...she is my sister, she's a little crazy.

    Jasmine (annoyed): eh

    Vendor: She said she knew the Sultan.

    Aladdin (aside to the vendor): She thinks the monkey is the Sultan.

    Jasmine (playing along and kneeling in front of Abu): O wise may I serve you?

    Abu (taking on the part of the Sultan): Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah.

    I really love that Monkey. He's hilarious. :-D

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  15. The episode where she lost her shoe was "Elemental, Dear Jasmine". The link is here. 10 minute mark.

  16. O_O Jasmine's feet are really hot Jake...Thanks very much for the episode. :-D