Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Disney Invasion: Sadira

Just for getting Jasmine to be barefoot for most of an episode...Sadira deserves to have her own feet kissed, worshipped, massaged and adored herself. Needless to say...she really earned this tribute.

(These were taken from the Aladdin Cartoon episode "Strike up the Sand". Once again I have to give a gartuan thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 (the Mastermind behind this Disney invasion) for directing me to this episode.)

Barefoot female characters are really great and Sadira is very cute. Actually you guys have her to thank for this Disney invasion. Sadira was the first girl Match and I intended to post and searching for her...indirectly brought us to a barefoot Jasmine (you can figure out how that happened right?). We were going to post back to back tributes to the Aladdin girls when we thought it might be fun to do a megasize Disney tribute. The Disney Invasion ballooned from there. Guess we all owe this Sandwitch quite a debt.

Ok...this invasion is reaching its endgame with just 4 more Disney girls left to post and on that note...more to come soon!!


  1. You can say that again. Not only that, but the Captain of the Guards has my props for grabbing Sadira's foot like that, even if it was meant to keep her from escaping. ;P

  2. how lucky he was to be able to hold Sadira's soft soles, i probably would have collapsed with a smile on my face from doing that.

    but it was a bit annoying once she got the powers of a Sandwitch she started to wear shoes. all of the lovely foot shots that just couldnt be thanks to that.

  3. such a memorable episode this was, i even remember where i was the first time i saw it all those years ago. they really needed to have Sadira in more then those few episodes and should have made her a regular (barefoot) character

  4. It could be just me, but you don't suppose that person in the red and white striped shirt could be Waldo, could it?

  5. its the Genie but he is most likely pretending to be Waldo

    but im suprised, how could ur eyes focus away from Sadria's lovely feet to notice?

  6. Definitely a cutie SFD.

    Yeah Razoul really lucked out this episode Kyle.

    Yeah I wish Sadira appeared more often too Match.

  7. Well done. I almost forgot about her. I remembered her but not her name. If you ever bring her back I hope you get the episode where that one witch grabbed her ankle and tried to pull her into some pit of oblivion. That was a pretty good foot shot. Either way excellent post as usual even if its old.

  8. I think the episode is probably "Witch Way Did She Go?" where Sadira meets another set of sand-witches, I'll try to look for it and cap it. Thanks for the tip Heretichero666. ^_^