Saturday, February 14, 2009

Disney Invasion Week: Cinderella (Bonus)

When dealing with Disney films and feet...there's definitely a classic moment that comes to mind. You guys all know the one. :-D Anyway, here's a tribute to the beautiful Cinderella.

(These are a combination of caps from the Original Cinderella and Cinderella III: A Twist in Time. (Cinderella 2 doesn't have any barefoot close-ups) Massive thank yous to StreetFighterDash for tipping us off to Cinderella III, Juancho for confirming it, and the Master of Sole Shots Match25 for capping it hot off the press. Way to go guys!! ^_^)

The great thing about Cinderella is that for one special moment, a heavy focus on woman's feet aren't looked down upon by society. Instead it's gets viewed in a much more romantic light as the type of tender moment any couple in love would want to experience themselves. Just look at how many times this scene is duplicated in other films and television shows. You go Disney!!

I was watching the original Cinderella in preparation for this bonus last week and I have to say...I forgot just how good this film was. There were a lot of great little touches that made it a lot of fun to watch eventhough I knew what was going to happen. The comedy and drama is blended nicely without either aspect being overplayed. I'd recommend it to you guys but I'm sure everyone has already seen it. However, if you get the chance watch it again...if only for the ending. ;-)

Ok...with several hot Disney women left to tribute...Disney Invasion week is going a little into overtime. On that note...more to come soon!!



  1. Great. But I thought there were more foot scenes in Cinderella 3?

    And Sadly,Cinderella was never part of the Disney-Sailor Moon pic.

  2. i made sure to get every close up picture of her lovely feet sffan, i recall capturing 53 pictures, im glad they were so much more detailed on her feet in the 3rd than they were on the 1st

  3. House of Mouse had a couple of good glimpses

    1. O_O Have to try and find those episodes. Thanks very much for the tip though...that is awesome. ^_^