Sunday, February 22, 2009

Disney Invasion: La (Bonus)

Ok guys...there's a slight change of plans. Originally Jane was supposed to be the featured guest representing the Tarzan Movie/Series but this morning her fellow cast member Queen La regretably informed us that Jane would be unable to make it being "a bit tied up at the moment". Feeling somewhat responsible for the situation...La graciously offered to take her place. *Shrugs* Oh well it's not everyday a hot barefoot villainess makes us worship her feet...Let's just role with this one.

(These are capped from the Tarzan episodes: The Lost City of Opar and The Leopard man Rebellion. Once again I have to gave a massive-sized thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for finding these episodes and introducing me to this sexy barefoot Villainess. You totally rock man!!)

Since La's still standing in the room with me...Let me just take this opportunity to tell you guys what an awesome character she is. Barefoot female villlaineses are always great but the animators did a really good job of making La particular hot. As a villainess La has the great bossy and dominating personality that most fetishists can't resist. She also has the powers and fighting prowess to make the world tremble underneath her feet. I think a lot of people would enjoy being her footslave. :-D

Ok...provided that La finally allows me to stop worshipping her feet long enough to upload another bonus...more to come soon. Stay Tuned guys.


  1. i know another barefoot villianess we should be worshiping very soon, and u know full well who im talking about KSC

  2. Definitely Match. ^_^ That's one witch I'm really looking forward to posting.

  3. so you can post another update, i will gladly sacrifice myself to become her foot slave in your place KSC

  4. Don't worry, Triton. Jane's almost done having a few "laughs" with me. I'll give her right back. ;)

    La is definitely hot. I can see why you want to post her next. :D

  5. That's quite the noble sacrifice Match. ^_^

    Just don't tire her out too much Kyle. She has a big bonus ahead of her. :-D

  6. (looks around) y-yeah, noble sure. noble is the right word for it lol

  7. I still find myself coming back here :p