Sunday, February 8, 2009

Disney Invasion Week: Pocahontas (Bonus)

Continuing with Disney invasion's a tribute to the lovely Native American beauty Pocahontas.

(This one actually spans the course of two Pocahontas movies both the Original and Journey to the New World. Once again a huge thanks to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for finding and capping this one.)

The great thing about Pocahontas is that she's barefoot throughout her entire first film which is something I really wish was true about the second film too. Luckily, there are a couple of moments of her putting on and taking off her footwear as consolation. I watched the Pocahontas movie when I was in my early teens and needless to say I had a very difficult time focusing on the plot. :-D I did like the song Colors of the Wind though.

Ok...It's running late tonight so I'm gonna end this entry. I'll post some more Disney Bonuses soon!!!


  1. Your not the only one Match. I must freely admit that I liked the Pocahontas movie,even though Disney screwed some things up.

    The Second movie on the other hand,was just dumb. I despised it. But than again,at least it wasn't one of those crappy Prequel-Sequels.

  2. Definitely an awesome series of caps Match. :-D My favorite was the Diving scene but all of these caps were amazing.

    I learned a long time ago not to expect too much from these type of follow up movies SFD. They're straight to video for a reason. It's best to try not to take them too seriously and just to enjoy any joke that actually hits, any any barefoot scenes that may occur, and any dramatic moment/action segment that actually works.

    Also whatever you do ... Never under any circumstances compare a Disney sequel to the original film otherwise you'll likely destroy your TV before it is over.

  3. Damn right,KSC.

    In that Disney-Sailor Moon pic,Pocahontas was Sailor Pluto..fitting actually.