Sunday, February 1, 2009

Poll of the Month 9: Results

The 9th poll of the month has come to an end. After almost 1000 votes (a whopping 971 to be exact) are the results.

It looks like Cammy Cannondrilled her way to victory in this poll, knocking out the other girls and proving that her gorgeous feet are the ones that most voters would love to have rubbed against their face with 244 votes. (I'll post a tribute for her soon). Behind her grabbing second place with 180 votes was Morrigan Aensland and Ayane and Sophitia managed to tie for third with 120 votes each. The rest of these girl all proved they had their own fans who are happy to offer their face as a foot massager (though admittedly Mikado might have to search around a bit to find one of her five lucky voters).

Once again I'd like to give a tremendous thank you to everyone that voted. I've said it before but I'll say it all totally rock. Thanks for sharing your opinions...and I'll keep them in mind in my future writing and bonuses.

Ok everyone. I'll post a new poll of the month tonight allowing you to pick the final woman to make it into the tournament of champions. I'll also post a tribute to Cammy very soon!!!

Have a great Superbowl Sunday everyone!!



  1. *whispers* You want to know who I was rooting for?

    Shh!! Not so loud!!! I don't want 9 angry female fighters to come after me demanding to know why their feet weren't my number one choice.

    Ok...if you promise to keep it quiet...*whispers even lower* I wanted Sarah to win. She was the subject of a lot of my childhood videogame fantasies (she's really hot) and we don't really see enough of her now.

    Anyway great voting everyone!!

  2. It was a pain in the ass to do,but I finally picked my top 10 favorite foot scenes.

    #10 - In Big O,Angel is seen in her hosed feet throughout the final bunch of episodes(i don't know why,and she wasn't seen taking her boots off)

    #9 - The Trigun episode,where Meryl and Millie(the main female characters) are held hostage on a train and Meryl shoots a gun with her bare feet.

    #8 - The scene in Superman:Brainiac Attacks,where there's a close up of Lois Lanes Feet(it's at the begining of the movie)

    #7 - The Street Fighter 2V episode where Chun-Li loses a shoe while being strangled by bison.

    #6 - Jessie in the Pokemon episode "Enlighten up"

    #5 - The G-Gundam episodes where Rain(the main female character) soaks her barefeet in water.

    #4 - The Warrior Maidens on Thundercats.

    #3 - At the end of the the 2nd half of the Two-Face debut episode in Batman:TAS,Rupert Thorne's assistant gets hit so hard,she goes crashing into a wall and one of her shoes comes off.

    #2 - Scenes where Inuyasha's Kagura shows her feet.

    #1 - The Rave Master episode where Elle(the main female character) goes barefoot for the entire episode(plenty of close ups).

    There ya go!

  3. Awesome thanks. ^_^

    BTW I managed to get ahold of the Brainiac movie and have special plans involving Ms. Lane. Just need to finish capping her.

  4. Just wanna give ya heads up!

    But there's a scene in the rugrats episode "all grown up"

    Near the end of the episode Lil is shown in Tommy's backyard with the rest of the gang and they're sitting in the sandbox.

    And she's barefoot!!
    There's lots of great shots too!

    Also in the actual all grown up series there's an episode where chuckie is doing a project involving his family tree. At some point during the episode Kimi is in her pajamas and chuckie tells her to lose a sock and needs a foot print of foot for his project. It's an ok scene!

    Just wanted to those two scenes to your attention!
    great site too! I'm a big fan of yours :)

  5. I'm not that familiar with the Rugrats series...but I'll try to check it out. Thanks for the tip El Hachita. ^_^