Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ikkitousen: Shoukyou

Ok approaching a light at the end of this Ikkitousen tunnel, 4 bonuses left to go. Anyway here is the ever so sweet Shoukyou.

(Once again we have a combination of webfinds and caps from the Ikki Tousen anime. A really tremendous thank you to both femdom and scissor expert Breakthewalls and the Legendary Master of Sole Shot Match25 for making this bonus possible. I've probably said it a dozen times already but both of you totally rock.)

This pretty blonde hottie can give Ryuubi a run for her money in the sweetness department. (In fact (to no big surprise) they get along really well. :-D) Shoukyou made her debut claiming to be the main character Hakufu's younger sister. (It was later revealed that she's not wasn't). In a past life Hakufu's cousin Koukin and Shoukyou were lovers something that Shoukyou was hoping to rekindle. However at present Koukin seemed to have feelings for his cousin so he politely opted out of a destined relationship (something which Shoukyou was very understanding of). Polite and friendy, Shoukyou is a great cook. In contrast to many of the other Ikkitousen girls, Shoukyou isn't a fighter and believes in solving her problems with non violence. Despite her friendly and kind nature, Shoukyou comes off as a very strong and determined character in her own right. Sticking to her beliefs she is able to return a possessed Hakufu back to her normal self using reason and love. You really have to give her a lot of credit. ^_^ In addition to her cooking skills, Shoukyou is also a great strategist and can quote Sun Tzu word for word. (Something she does at least once every episode.) ^_^

Shoukyou is such a kind sweet girl that you're really tempted to please her. ^_^ Wouldn't it be awesome to massage her feet until she sighs with pleasure?

On that fantasy's time to end this entry but still more Ikkitousen to come soon. ^_^


  1. she strikes me as the kind, shy, klutz type

  2. She's sweet alright, but I prefer my babes with a bit of bad in them... heheh... ^_^

  3. Yeah she a really nice girl Match. ^_^

    :-D I tend to lean towards the bad girl types as well Sole Keeper.

    Yeah I the closeup image is one of my faves Digiharrisom. ^_^

  4. Shoukyou rocks :D I would so massage her sexy feet after a long hard day of cooking and cleaning...not to mention looking after Hakufu ;)

    Great work man.

  5. Thanks BTW. Yeah I think would especially deserve a relaxing foot massage after the latter. :-D

  6. you should look for feet scenes from pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea, there are lots of scenes of may barefoot in there

  7. O_O I'm in the processs of organizing a megatribute to May Blackviper. Thanks very much for the tip...I'll try add that movie in as well. :-)