Sunday, August 12, 2018

Pokemon Foot Festival

Once again, it's time for another foot festival, but this time, it is the Pokemon franchise, you know the drill: pick a game, girl, and explain what kind of foot worship do you want to give to those female characters, also the spinoff games and remakes do not count along with all of the above, keep it simple and not complicate things.

The original Pokemon games: Red and Blue/Yellow

Pokemon Gold and Sliver/Crystal

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire/Emerald

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl/Platinum

Pokemon Black and White/Black and White 2

Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon Sun and Moon/Ultra Sun and Moon



  1. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald due to the fact that they have my Pokemon faves May and Flannery are in the game.

    1. Yeah, the last time I played an main Pokemon game was FireRed on the GBA. But in terms of anime, the last season was Sinnoh League Victors for me.

    2. I've been pretty consistent in playing the Portable versions but I haven't beaten the last two games yet (X and Ultra Sun). The only game I haven't played yet is Black and White 2.

      I think in terms of games the best one was Gold and Silver because they added the original 8 gyms to it for a total of 16 gyms plus they included Red and Blue as well. They really went all out.

      I forgot what the last season I watched of the anime was. It was definitely during May's tenure as Ash's companion.

    3. What I read on an Wiki page, Gold and Sliver was supposed to be the last Pokemon main games before Game Freak moved on to something else.

    4. Oh ... understandable why they had to continue it. :-) It is too popular a series for them to stop making.

    5. Yes, any mega popular franchise will be milk to death by the company who created it.

  2. This'll be a tough one.

    Do you still plan on making a future post about the main 3 from Soul Eater?

    Not to harp on Dean or anything, but I'd much prefer you to post them.

  3. Replies
    1. You prefer Diamond and Pearl. Dawn is another girl I love during high school.

    2. Well I think Gen 1 is the best and Gen 5 was the worst

    3. Yeah, the first generation is the one most people know and loved. I skipped Black and White along with X and Y.

  4. I'm thinking Acerola from Sun and Moon.