Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cornelia Hale (Update)

Hot off the press...here is an extra image of Cornelia that explains why she doesn't follow fellow nature and earth controllers Toph and Poison Ivy's example and ditch her footwear more often.

(Massive thank you to Adam for finding this comic panel of this blonde hottie taking off her boots. You totally rock man!!)

Make sure to click on and magnify to see this image in full size guys. The dialogue is really awesome. ^_^ I would really love to be the "natives" in this image. :-D

Ok...more W.I.T.C.H feet to come soon guys.


  1. always good to see a good tickling

  2. Yeah this one was really beautifully drawn. Could see these characters have a lot of personality. :-D

  3. Do you know from which number of comic is this page taken?

  4. Sorry...I don't know Solletickle. Possibly issue 69 since the page was labeled that. ^_^;

    Maybe Adam knows.

  5. Lucky "natives"

    Man, this looks like a great series, I also enjoyed the dialogue and the characters just flat out rock!....I think I might follow it for now on.

  6. Yeah the dialogue seems to be really great for this series. This panel had me really cracking up. :-D