Monday, April 19, 2010

W.I.T.C.H.: Cornelia

Continuing with the W.I.T.C.H tributes, here is a nod toward the statuesque blonde member of the team...Cornelia Hale.

Episode Quote: Cornelia (to close out the episode): "Um, has anyone seen my shoes?"

(Yet another combination of webs finds and caps from W.I.T.C.H. episode "N is for Narcissist". Once again a massive thank you to P for providing material for and inspiring these tributes)

The episode that I got the bulk of my caps from focuses on Cornelia so as a result I was able to get a lot of really cool images of Cornelia posing, showing off her powers and wiping the floor with the bad guys. The downside is that unlike the other guardians, Cornelia doesn't get knocked out of her transformation so she's wearing her boots for most of the episode. *Sighs* If only she would follow other earth and nature controllers example and go barefoot to keep in contact with her element.

The nice thing about Cornelia is that she's the rich and spoiled type enjoying getting pampered and bossing others around. She probably not only enjoys having her feet massaged and worshiped but expects it as well. Being the tallest of the guardians, her feet are probably the biggest too. She's also really into fashion, beauty and outward appearances so I can totally picture her making her potential boyfriend paint her toenails or give her a pedicure. She's also a championship skater so after training for or winning a competition, her feet could probably use some loving attention too. Despite her spoiled personality, Cornelia has a good heart and she really cares about her friends. She also a determined character that would fight with all her heart for what she believes in making her a strong hero.

Cornelia's powers are a combination of Geo and Chlorokinesis. She can basically control the earth and plants. (Kind of like having Poison Ivy's and Toph's powers combined). This combination makes her easily the most powerful of the guardian but she has to remain in contact with the earth she draws her strength from to use her abilities. Cornelia's can do a lot of really cool things in the series including create earthquake, fissures, avalanches, and mudslides, cause plants, trees and flowers to grow, manipulate metal (metal bending anyone? ;-D), comunicate with the earth and plants, teleport earth related materials, hurl objects and boulders at her opponents, heal herself and allies, sense vibrations and visualize people/objects nearby, enhance her physical appearance to make herself look even more attractive than she already is, levitate, drain and sink objects/people into the earth. *Whew* Alot of powers for one girl to wield but Cornelia is awesome enough to handle it. (At least she thinks so anyway.) :-D

Ok more W.I.T.C.H. feet still to come. ^_^

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  1. She's also really ticklish, as seen here:

  2. O_O Super hot Image Adam!!That panel was almost too good to be true. Massive thank you for it. :-D

  3. too vain for my taste but cute feet nonetheless

  4. She's definitely a little self absorbed but she has a good heart. Definitely high maintenance though. :-)

  5. I don't know why....but I always liked the rich types....especially if their cuties like her ;)

  6. Not to mention the fact that her feet must be really high maintenance....and if we don't do a good job, she might get the others girls to help punish us, via scissor holds ;)

  7. personally cant stand the rich types, always protrayed with an arrogant aura i cant stand. the only rich girl i liked would be Sam from Danny Phantom

  8. Speaking of Sam Mansion....she actually has a barefoot scene.

    It starts at 3:30

  9. mmm yes i know of that very well, too bad that was the only ep she was barefoot and gave a good sole shot

  10. O_O Yeah...Sam is really great.

    We were trying to negotiate a deal with Ms. Manson to appear as a guest here last October but sadly it fell through due to schedule conflicts and a hostage situation. ^_^; Hopefully we'll be able to secure a guest appearance for her in the future. :-)

    Thanks very much for clip BTW. It was really very hot. :-D

    I guess that I've always had a soft spot for Rich/spoiled girls as well. I think it's because they tend to be really dominating and they make sure their feet are well taken care of. :-D As for Cornelia getting the other W.I.T.C.H. members to "punish" us. That's really hot to imagine. ^_^