Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Star Ocean: Celine Jules

Getting in a couple of more Spellcaster feet before the April 30th is a tribute to Star Ocean sorceress Celine Jules.

(These are from the Star Ocean Ex anime. A huge thanks to the Sole Keeper for providing a clip of this series.)

With my predisposition towards purple haired girls, it makes sense that I would easily fall for this character. Celine is great. Not only is she really beautiful but her sexiness level is through the roof. Being a Crest Magician, her ability to cast spells comes from designs drawn on her body (something she has no problem showing off). She's also really smart being able to cast some sophisticated magic spells that require years of study. (Meteor rocks!!) One of the things that I really like about her a lot is the comic relief aspect of her character. Whether she's making the female lead of the series jealous by flirting with the hero of this anime, running terrified from a caterpillar, complaining about her sore legs after a long day of walking around (as in the scene above)...this hot girl will have you laughing and cheering for her. Of course in the latter case...all of us would be tripping over one another rushing to offer her a foot massage. Something that I am sure she will appreciate very much. :-D

Ok next up...after 6 months of Spellcaster awesomeness, its time to bring the Spellcaster series to its exciting conclusion and I've saved the ultimate barefoot magic spell for last. Who would close out a set involving such heavy hitters as Amalia, Zatanna, Jaina Proudmore Lilli and the W.I.T.C.H. girls? Find out next entry


  1. Damn it Match, you stole what I was going to say >_<

    In all honesty, I wouldn't mind making those legs feel better, after all, how's she suppose to scissor me with sore legs ;)

  2. her legs are so sexy

  3. didn't expect to see SO2 stuff but i cant complain as this series dont get enough love :D

  4. Ah, yes. Surely Celine would enjoy or even expect fans like us to pamper her legs and feet with loving. ^_^

  5. Nice. Ladies and Gentlemen,The Cartoon Historian(my 2nd blog) has a New Poll. Check it out and Vote.

  6. Thanks guys. ^_^ I really like Celine's legs and would be happy to help soothe them as well.

    Yeah...I really like the Star Ocean series alot too Jinto. :-)

    Nice Stefan.