Thursday, April 1, 2010

Twilight Feet: Victoria

Continuing with the Twilight love, next up is the dangerous Femme Fatale Victoria.

(Some more webfinds involving her and her alter ego Rachelle Lefevre ;-D)

This evil vampire babe is so badass. As the main antagonist of the series (sorry James) she easily establishes herself as the biggest outside threat to Edward's and Bella's blossoming romance. After swearing revenge on the Cullen clan for the death of her mate, she takes on groups of vampires and werewolves alike for the opportunity to make Bella, Edward and the entire Cullen Clan pay.

It almost sounds like I'm almost rooting for Victoria to win...doesn't it? attraction towards dominating bad girls is probably working in her favor but you really have to give this girl her props. Not only does she outlast her entire Clan in the first two movies. She attacks and comes back for more. She also has some really cool powers like amazing super-speed, cat-like grace and the self preservation gift (a power that would keep her protected from getting into dangerous situations). In the series she even holds her own against an entire Cullen clan and Quileute pack. O_O Added onto that is her obvious villainess appeal and the fact that she manages to that in some movie promotional picture shows her to barefoot. ^o^ Just watch out though because this chick is definitely out for blood. Still, this girl has been known to play with her food and there is a good chance that she would enjoy using her feet to dominate someone. Maybe as a last request she'll let you suck her toes while she's sucking your neck. ^_^;

On that note its time to fade into black but don't worry...more Twilight action is still ahead.

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