Friday, April 2, 2010

Poll of the Month 23/Twilight Joke Poll Results

Ok...a Double Feature this Time. ^_^ After an exciting showdown between cyber girl fans and record shattering 3108 votes O_O are the 23rd poll of the month results. ^_^

After the ultimate face off between Roll and Android looks like the hot net navi managed to blast away her competition and prove that her feet are the ones that most fans would like to play with gaining 1075 votes. (Yes her vote was actually in the thousands O.O) Having to settle for second place but hardly shy of playmates was the DBZ femme fatale Android and the cute Chobits Persicom claimed. Don't feel too bad for the rest of these girls...they all have their share of fans and none of them scored less than 29 votes. (I was pleasantly surprised there Aphrodite IX did as well as she did)

As for the special April Fool's Day Twilight poll. :-D After 202's the breakdown. ^_^

You know I was actually very surprised that Alice beat out the main character in this one (though she's definitely my favorite female character from the series). There always seems to be one girl in the April fool's day polls that can't seem to get any love, for this one it was Esme. I wouldn't worry about here though since Carlisle probably gives her feet all the attention she need. :-)

Similar to last year, I added a lot of joke options and it seems the most popular was "Twilight?!! Are you serious?!!". Maybe that was most voters way of telling me that they knew I was messing with them. ;-) It's always fun to see some people pick the "Yuck Feet are Gross" option. lol :-)

I am curious though, I know there were a lot of hints that I was joking (not the least of which being the idea of converting Anime feet into a Twilight foot fansite is totally insane) but did I fool anyone. I know Breakthewalls, Adam, Mira, Ayane Matrix, Match (though he was no less horrified by the idea) and SFD pegged it right away. Hope I didn't scare anyone too much.

Ok...I just want to thank everyone for voting as well as putting up with my wacky sense of humor in the latter poll. I'll definitely keep your opinions in mind for future entries writing and bonus though unless there's a huge demand for've probably seen the last of Twilight feet for a long time. :-)

Alright, I'll post the real Poll of the Month later in the day as well as a tribute to Roll pretty soon.

Have a Great Day Everyone!


  1. who were my favorites for these ones?

    That would be Aphrodite IX and Alice respectively.

    heh heh the the least popular girl for one and most popular girl for another.

    Anyway Great Voting guys. ^_^

  2. So Glad Roll won that poll :D

    but as a rockman nerd i wonder if roll won because people like her or just didnt want to see 18 win again :/

  3. I voted for Dorothy first, but changed it to Roll after I remembered that Dorothy is never actually barefoot in the series.

    I pretty much ignored the rockman anime, but I played the first two games so I'm excited for this tribute.

  4. Also a Roll voter and someone who spread the word a little, but a side helping of 18 already getting featured a couple times on this blog was an added reason, and maybe not just for me.

    As I said before, I already knew Roll won, but now I can say "wooo" along with Jinto and Adam.

    Looking forward to what KSC can do for her. I do think the only pic of her that exists without those boots was drawn by deviantart user vegetossj4 at my request. It showed them in the grey nylon bodysuit-thing but give me a couple hours and I'll upload a barefoot edit I made with a few other touch-ups as well.

  5. ...interesting. It's changed to using my actual username. My previous comments have been named "Mira", but this is the name I prefer. Another good thing :)

  6. Hey KSC you must do an "Often Overlooked By The Foot Community" poll?

    And here's who should be in that poll:

    -Alia (Mega Man X series)
    -Iris (Mega Man X series)
    -The Sailor Senshi and Villainess'
    -The Ladies of Outlaw Star
    -The Ladies of Big O
    - Female Humanoid Digimon
    -The street fighter ladies(rose,r.mika,cammy,sakura,and karin only)
    -American Cartoon girls from the 80's and 90's
    - The Ladies of Pokemon (besides dawn,maylene,misty,and may)
    - The Ladies of Final Fantasy (1-9 only)
    - Roll (all versions)
    - The Other babes of Mega Man (all series)

  7. i voted for Dorthy, sorry more of a fan of that sonic robot girl

  8. I voted for Alisa...her personality is just too cute for a robot :D

    Anyways, gotta give props to Roll for this upset, I thought for sure 18 was going to win.

    Can't wait to see the bonus KSC

    Oh and nice April Fools trick....but you didn't fool me ;)

  9. TL:DR Links (also given below):

    DA Roll.exe with boots taken off

    A couple edits I've made to the above


    Alright, boring and/or awful Roll.exe foot stuff:

    Roll's outfit is awkward to suss out. Below the boots are some dark pink thigh-highs and below that are what appear to be grey leggings. The same grey is seen on her arms so I reckon that's a full bodysuit thing.

    (If so that might explain why artists and fan artists seemingly always leave her boots on.)

    On a whim ages ago I requested a Roll foot pic on DA. I explained the above and the result was this. One of my favourite comments at the time was Match25's "curse those nylons".

    I've tried giving the picture a few touch-ups here and there (e.g. a background from the anime) and of course added a made a barefoot version since. Those I've uploaded here. Probably not all that great but it might be quite literally better than nothing when it comes to Roll.exe's feet.

    In case anyone actually wants to see them, I have also made versions with stocks and feathers (which the original artists sometimes uses), so feel free to ask.

  10. Ah yes, and I was one of the joke "Feet are gross" voters XD

  11. I found a one to one the classic anime movies of the 80's, Dirty Pair Project Eden.

    This is based on a classic novel about two lovely angels (that's their codename btw) name Kei (redhair) and Yuri (bluehair), but they been given the nickename Dirty Pair due to their habit of blowing everything up.

    This movie was great in many ways, but one sweet factor is the angels become barefoot through the entire film until close to the end of it.

    The barefoot works starts at 1:16 of this link and continues on way from there.

  12. Thanks guys ^_^

    Roll is definitely really hot Jinto though it probably didn't help 18 chances that I posted her before. :-)

    Yeah I think that of the girls in that last poll Dot Matrix and Dorothy probably would have been the hardest for me to find Adam. ^_^

    Sorry about that Match. ^_^;

    Wow those Roll images are really hot Veroom. Thanks very much for them. As a site precaution I try to avoid uploading DA pictures (unless given special permission) because I don't want artists to get upset with me but those customs are really beautiful. Nice incorporation of the background. I'll try to find a good way to display them. ^_^ I'd love to see your stocks and feather pictures too.

    O_O These are good suggestions SFD. I'll try to use them in the future.

    Dorothy is definitely hot Match. ^_^

    Yeah I didn't see this turnaround coming either Breakthewalls. ^_^

    Wow awesome clip P...those girls are really hot. I really love sci fi girls. This anime looks like its very exciting. Thanks for it. ^_^

  13. Okay, added a few more variations. Same place as before.

    Since the original is still a vegetossj4 creation you might be best off seeking permission. The good thing is he's pretty cool with letting people make edits of his stuff so he'd probably be OK with it.

    I could / might also make a couple Roll commmissions, but the turnaround time might not be good enough to make the feature post. What're your thoughts on that, KSC?

  14. the new poll needs an All of the Above selection

  15. I'm not sure if this will help at this point, but I found a site with screencaps from every exe episode that might make it easier track a barefoot scene down.

  16. Adam: Some foot shots maybe, but I'm pretty sure it's always in those boots - I've seen little of the show, but the foot clips I know of include:

    - On a soccer ball in Stream episode 1.

    - Quite a few fanservice femdom foot clips of an evil alter-ego she gets in episodes 18 and 19 of season 1.

    I can't believe I forgot about these two. I have the clips of both in decent quality saved on a PC, but I won't be able to rip from those until around this time next week >.<

  17. Yeah this poll is really difficult to decide Match. ^_^

    O_O Thanks very much for that website Adam. I'll try and find more scenes. ^_^

    Wow...those variations were really hot Veroom. I think that I'll probably post Roll's tribute on Monday or Tuesday but I would definitely love any material you can create. I could always do a follow up tribute later on for her.

    Also thanks for letting me know about those scenes. I remember and loved Roll's evil turn very much in the anime. I'm even considering giving her evil version a separate Tribute. The soccer scene is completely new to me. It sounds really hot.

    I used to download and watch the Rockman series every week. I got up to episodes 50 of the series before the fangroup I was watching stopped production on it and I couldn't find the series anymore. Then it appeared on the WB/CW network (heavily censored) before disappearing again. I'm still trying to watch the later episodes as well as Access and Stream. I also played the first two games...they were really fun.

    I thought there was a swimsuit episode that Roll appeared barefoot in but after checking it out...sadly it was my memory playing tricks on me. :-( Anyway, I'll post her tribute soon guys. ^_^

  18. Ok,first off,KSC,you're tributing the Wrong roll,the roll you SDhould be tributing is the one from the Classic series. the girl You wanna tribute is a Net Navi,not a robot.

    And second. Those who haven't visited The Cartoon Historian's Toonami special do it Now.

    Also I'm gonna be takin' a hiatus to work on other things. Plus,I'm gonna need som contributors for The Ultima Network.Be sure to visit that as well.

    KSC,do a tribuite to Original Series Roll. She's the Roll that should've been on that Robot Girls poll to begin with.

  19. Nah Stefan, the Roll in the poll was definitely the one from .exe. That said, classic Roll would certainly be easier to get material for (I believe there's a ton of barefoot stuff of her out there) so maybe she can get featured some time in the future as well ^^

    But as you mentioned in a previous post, the same could be said of many of the Mega/Rockman babes.

    I know the cartoon had a fanservice swimsuit episode in one of its later series, but from what I'd seen on that, the navis were lounging around in deckchairs but without any outfit changes.

    That said, I'm reminded of ANOTHER couple anime scenes that might be easy to find - in early season 1 she stamps on Gutsman's foot, and in one of the later series she dresses up in a wedding dress with a "costume chip" of some sort and stamps on Rockman's foot. I can't remember the latter particularly well but it might provide a top-foot glimpse.

    Monday/Tuesday will be far too soon for any commissions I'd make to be completed. I was thinking of making 1-2, maybe 3, but would that be enough for a follow-up "bonus" feature?

  20. And yet another one comes to mind as I'm thinking about it. In the first episode of... Axess?... when watching Rockman fight she's sitting in a cute pose with legs and feet positioned nicely.

    Man I wish I had access to my PC with these episodes on. I could probably provide quite a bit in decent quality.

  21. This is the wedding scene. She's wearing socks :[

  22. 403 - can't direct link images. But it's from here.

    Image 12 shows it as well. Dangit :( manipulating those images would be easy but it's just not the same...

    Meanwhile, the aforementioned beach episode.

    A quick scan through the episodes suggests poor fortune on this one. It's not as if they haven't done fetish-fuel such as glasses and tails or more furriness. Just apparently nothing barefoot-type with the navis.

  23. So I've been thinking, the poll was about which robot girls' feet you'd want to play with the most. Now we know that, the next question is - how would you play with them?

    I must admit alterior motive here. I'm still toying with the idea of commissioning a couple pics for a potential follow-up feature, and it'd be good to know what you guys would like to see if I do.

  24. Ok...I guess I'll try and do a tribute to the original Roll too guys.

    Yeah I think that would be fine for a follow up tribute Veroom. It looks like you guys really managed to find a lot of scenes and pictures for her. I might save a few for a follow up set. ^_^

    Thanks very much for that wedding shot Adam. Lucky Gutsman. ^_^

    Also thanks for the cosplay and beach episode Veroom. They look like they have some really hot scenes. I definitely need to see the rest of this series. ^_^

    As for footplay games. That's an interesting question. The one that always comes to mind is "this little piggy". I think that tickling sort of counts as a game too. My favorite would probably be to nuzzle her soles. I also love for her to play footsie with my face. I'd love to hear other suggestions for games too. ^_^

    Wow...a lot to post. It might take me a little longer to get her tribute up...but I'll try to post it soon. ^_^

  25. Mmm. As a robot/virtual her feet might not smell, but they're always kept well-protected by those boots so they're easily going to be very soft and sensitive...

    A tickling game sounds fantastic. This Little Piggy sounds ideal for suspense and inevitability... I'm trying to think of other things that could work the same way.

    I've put in one commission enquiry so far, using the "footsie with face" idea. I'm still thinking of making a second commission, but not yet decided on what it'd be.

  26. O_O That sounds really hot Veroom. ^_^

  27. Good timing - looks like it's just been accepted ^^ but it'll take a while, probably over a month.

    I guess this'll have to be a delayed follow-up feature, but that should be okay, and give us more time to find stuff to go into it :)