Thursday, April 22, 2010

W.I.T.C.H: Orube

Well, having completed the main cast...we're entering extras territory. Here is a tribute to their honorary team member Orube.

(All webfinds this time. ^_^ A Huge thanks to W.I.T.C.H. Expert P and the Sole Keeper for tipping me off to this hot Guardian.)

Unlike the other Guardians, Orube doesn't have her own element. However she makes up for that with her advanced Martial Arts skills. Just imagine how powerful her feet must be. ;-) She also has enhanced strength, agility, and cat-like abilities and senses. Not being from Earth, she hasn't had much contact with humans so she doesn't know how to relate to them. She starts off cold and isolated from the other witches but eventually she becomes their friend as she learns how to relate with other people. She likes music and animals.

Sadly, Orube appears in the comic series after the arcs covered by the cartoon so we don't get to see her attractive bare feet in animation. On the plus side, Orube's fighting costume has her barefoot all the time. Barefoot Martial Arts W.I.T.C.H. Woot!!! last W.I.T.C.H bonus to go guys. On that note more to come soon!!


  1. 0_0 Awesome girl KSC!

    I also liked how you added dialogue in one of them....I have quite a few ideas on what she could do to us "foot pervs" ;)

    I also liked the one with the caporiea looking kick.

    All in all...awesome post KSC :D

  2. YEEEAAAH! ORUBE! My fave babe in WITCH... for obvious reasons. Barefoot martial artist/semi-cat girl FTW! Great work, KSC!

  3. Thanks BTW. I wouldn't be surprised if those involve a certain "hold" and domination of some sorts. I really like the kick picture as well. It might be risky but I don't think I would mind being on the receiving end of that type of move. ^_^

    Thanks Sole Keeper. Yeah that combination is definitely really awesome. :-D

  4. got to love barefoot beauties, kind of sad there is so few sole shots despite her outfit makes her barefoot

  5. Yeah...if only she had appeared in the cartoon...just imagine how many sole shots a barefoot character like her could have had.

  6. (drools) is this series still going?

  7. (crosses fingers and hopes she appears soon)

  8. Huh. Wonder why she never appeared in the show...

  9. The Show got cancelled, but you can check her out in the original comics.

  10. If only the Cartoon had gotten to do season three. Still, Orube really rocks. :-)

  11. I was so pissed when she was cut from the comic.

    Apparently she wasn't well-liked because she proved that Cedric was into girls and not Phobos's butt-buddy.

  12. Yeah they should have kept Orube as a regular in the series. I really hope that she reappears in the future