Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Roll.Exe/Mayl Sakurai (Bonus)

Thanks for being so patient guys. As promised here is a tribute to this month's poll winner Roll.Exe. Because barefoot scenes involving this cute online companion are relatively rare...I tossed in a few of her operator Mayl Sakurai (who has the ability to cross fuse with her Navi) as well. Enjoy guys!!

(The reason that this bonus took so long to upload was that I received a huge of material from her fans. Massive thank yous to Adam, Veroom and Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots) for suggesting some really great scenes involving her and helping me collect all this material. The artwork involving her are variations of an awesome Vegetossj4 picture (be sure to check out the original here) done by Roll's #1 fan Veroom. Episodes include Rockman Exe 26, 35, 41 Axess 1, 5, Stream 1, 24, 38 and 44)

As an added bonus, here's a GTS story spotlight involving the cute Navi above involving a hot foot massage moment:
Roll's Power Trip by Cubed and Ramsus; idea by gamdann

I think this poll was the biggest turnaround that I've seen in a long time. Android 18 was ahead by over 500 votes when Roll managed to catch and surpass her completely. She clearly has a lot of fans. ^_^

It would be really cool having a cyber girl like Roll as an online assistant. She's cute and a good fighter. In the videogames she functions with double usefulness being able heal Megaman and do damage enemies in one move. It's also really fun to imagine all the great ways that you could customize her appearance making her a cat girl, wear a swimsuit, (French maid outfit anyone?) or you could even play around with different styles of footwear maybe even getting to pose barefoot from different angles. ^_^; I keep thinking about all the fun games that you could play with a navi like that such as tickling her feet, getting to massage her digital soles or getting up close and personal with her feet as she rubs them in your face. Hot!!

As you guys can tell, I really like Roll's operator a lot too. She's really a sweet character and Lan definitely lucks out in the anime quite a bit. Being a redhead, there's definitely a spunky side to her personality too. She's usual very caring and intelligent but she has fun/wild streak as well. I love the cute way that her and Lan banter in the videogames. Talk about romantic tension. In the anime Mayl is one of the few characters that can cross-fuse with her navi. (Awesome power!!) It just shows shows the closeness between the two characters and how they complement each other really well. I imagine they have very similar feet (or at least wear the same boot size ;-D). It would be really cool to play with both the operator and navi's feet at the simultaneously.

On that hot fantasy, its time to bring this entry to an end but as usual...more to come soon!!

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  1. Great post KSC. I like Mayl a lot as well :D

  2. Thanks BTW. Yeah Mayl is great. ^_^

  3. Haha, #1 fan no way. Truth be told I wouldn't even say I'm that much of a fan at all, but as under-appreciated characters go she's definitely high up in the rankings and (the most important part) the lack of barefoot stuff for her is frankly criminal.

    Unusual but interesting story. I read it through, though I'm not much into the shrinking thing.

    Lots of pics, this feature is so big it's pushed all other entries off the main page. Perhaps fitting if she really has the best vote score to date. The second pic is the main one I use as a commission reference, as well as my color source for the edits.

    Didn't expect a bit of Mayl in there too. I believe the cartoon calls her Maylu ("May-lou") to sound more like a name but less like a computer term. I know there are some great foot-focusing fan arts of her out there. I think those trademark thigh-highs might be to blame for that!

  4. too bad the Net Navi didnt have swimsuit outfit card

  5. Oh yeah Veroom. Before you showed me the customs, I didn't know there was any barefoot material involving Roll out there so I tucked away a couple of her operator just in case. I have to say that the beach episode you recommended had some really great scenes of her as well as a few other Rockman.Exe women so thank you very much for that tip. O_O I didn't know that there was foot focused fanart involving her but I guess Mayl's choice of footwear does draw attention to her feet. :-D

    The story is from a popular VGGTS website (here)that focuses primarily on GTS stories but a lot of them have foot moments in them. I guess it's not uncommon for people to picture being at giantess' feet when they have their GTS fantasies.

    Yeah...I wish they had used that type of customization card in the anime too Match. ^_^

  6. Wow wake up on my birthday to check out the usual sites and get a Present of 2 of my Fav Rockman girls :D

    and before my fellow Rockman nerds brick you KSC its Netto not Lan :P

    but either way thanks for the posts/uploads

  7. Yeah there's some Mayl foot stuff out there. Looking around though, it seems most of it also has nudity and the like.

    I think this is by far the best suitable pic, but it might irritate the barefoot purists! XD

    Jinto: Depends. We all know who it is anyway, Maybe he should instead amend "Rockman" to "Megaman"! If using the Japan names mattered so much I think Mayl/u would need to be Meiru too, which kills that pun.

    Finally, yeah it's annoying they never had any kind of navi outfit customisation options save a few chips in one episode. You just know if these things were real that appearance options would be standard. Then we could all have barefoot female navis! XD

  8. Classic Roll deserved to be on that last poll. so to make it up to us Classic Roll fans,KSC. You Must make a Classic Roll tribute.

    And here's something to kick that Bonus post off:

    I made it myself. I'm back in the sprite editing business.

  9. Veroom For me its always been Rockman Netto and Mayl/u :P its all about the first time for me and for a few eps i was saying her name wrong while i know its wrong it hard to change lol but the dub kinda annoyed me with the change from Netto to Lan none of them really needed to be change but they wanted to be "cute" but name changes kills puns and jokes are cut out or edited

    but i dont think i would complain about that picture just glad its clean while shes not barefoot its still a great picture

  10. Ooh, robot girl feet... ^_^ Alisa B's still my fave though. Great stuff in any case, KSC!

  11. Thanks guys.

    Happy Birthday Jinto. Oh yeah with the names I was using their Megaman battle network videogame names which I played before the anime came out. Guess it was force of habit. ^_^;

    O_O Thanks for that Mayl fanart Veroom. She looks very hot. ^_^ It's true if I had a hot female Navi to play with...I would be experimenting with foot customization a lot.

    Thank you for the Roll Sprite Art Stefan. It's nice to see that you are returning Sprite editing. Compared with the other versions of Roll, I'm not as familiar with this character but I will try to do a good bonus for her.

    Thanks Sole Keeper. Oh yeah...Alisa is definitely really hot. :-D

  12. What episode is that when Mayl gets trapped with that purple goo monster?

  13. I think its Rockman Exe episode 26 Bizarre Mystery of the Ghost Ship!!