Thursday, April 1, 2010

Twilight Feet:: Jessica Stanley

Ok the next Twilight girl is Bella's friend Jessica Stanley. Similar to Angela, Jessica only has a bit part in the Twilight movies but she definitely manages to catch your attention. :-)

(Various webfinds of Jessica Stanley (Lauren Mallory) and Anna Kendick alike)

The obvious downside to these pictures is that even by tapping into Jessica's actress Anna Kendrick, I couldn't find any barefoot images of her to post though she does wear footwear that exposes her feet quite often. I know that she has a barefoot scene when she gets drunk in film "Up in the Air" (though no real close ups) but unfortunately I couldn't get to it in time.

Jessica is sort of the Cordelia Chase* of the Twilight world (though slightly less obnoxious). She's spoiled and totally into being popular and it is even hinted that she befriends Bella in hopes of improving her own social standing. The positive side of that is for some reason (maybe because of Mandy from Totally Spies), I always picture spoiled girls as enjoying getting their feet worshiped and massaged so I think that Jessica might enjoy getting her feet pampered by a prospective boyfriend very much.

Ok...a couple of interesting sidenotes with this one...the first is that in the movies Jessica's character is combined with another girl from the series Lauren Mallory. Lauren is sort of a school rival for Bella in the books. Some of that rivalry gets transferred over to Jessica's movie counterpart but it isn't really given a chance to be explored as the movie quickly jumps its focus to Edward and Bella's relationship.

The other interesting thing is that Jessica's actress Anna Kendrick was nominated for best supporting actress earlier this year for her role in the film "Up in the Air". The funny thing is that I actually "New Moon" and "Up in the Air" back to back and was doing a double take. Anna looks really young in Twilight by comparison. Another thing that I noticed that while the pictures of Anna are taken while she's between the ages of 18-24. Her feet seem to be looking smoother and better pedicured in her later appearances. Maybe she's gotten better at taking care of her feet and pampering herself the more time she spent in Hollywood.

Ok everyone...more Twilight awesomeness to come soon! ;-)

*Mad props to any vampire fans who got that Buffy reference.

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