Friday, April 9, 2010

Rockman Exe: Princess Pride/ Poll of the Month 24

Here are some extra caps from one of the Rockman swimsuit episodes. This is Knightman's net operator and the Princess of Creamland...Princess Pride.

(These are from Rockman Exe Stream episode 44. Massive thank yous to Veroom and Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots himself) for helping me find and cap this episode.)

This Princess is a relatively minor character but she's definitely hot enough to make her mark on the Rockman world even making a much loved appearance in a fanservice episode. Woo hoo!! Being royalty and having servants to help her take care of her personal appearance, you really expect her feet to be in excellent condition. Fortunately Pride definitely doesn't disappoint in this episode displaying such beautiful, soft, creamy soles that even the most hardcore foot hater would love snuggling against them.

Ok with that lovely visual example in mind...this month's poll lets you pick your favorite types of characters. With different professions come different activities and needs. A villainess might need someone to dominate and abuse with their feet, while a waitress might need someone to rub her feet after a busy day of running around taking people's orders. A female soldier's feet could probably use a foot massage and loving attention as well at the end of the day as could teachers and super-heroines. I imagine that Ninja Girls and Female Fighters would use you to hone their skills, while a Princess might have you give her pedicures and look after her feet. A female assassin might enjoy using her feet to place you at the mercy and who knows what foot related spells a Sorceress can come up with. Keeping different personalities and activities in mind...Which occupation do you think is hottest?

So far the feedback on this poll has been that its difficult to decide which type so I'd love to see what your preferences are. To make it even more interesting I'm going to list out popular women from each category. Bear in mind that some girls crossover into multiple categories. :-D Also if there are any women that I don't mention in a category that you would like to see, just let me know in the comments or e-mail and I will try to tribute her if her profession wins.

Ninja Girls: Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Temari, Ibuki, Karai, Karin, Yuffie
Female Assassins: Nina Williams, Anna Williams, Juni and Juli
Superheroines: Supergirl, Batgirl, Jean Grey, Rogue
Female Fighters: Chun Li, Cammy, Christie, Akane, Juri
Villainesses: Medusa, Azula, Catwoman, Jessie, Poison Ivy, Giganta, Tayuya, The Baroness
Sorceress/Witches: Lulu, Zatanna, Bloom, Amalia
Waitresses/Maids: Ichigo (Zoey), Mint (Corinna), Konata, Tifa
Female Soldiers: Lightning, Sammi, Meryl, Sniper Wolf, Scarlet
Princesses: Zelda, Peach, (The Hottie above), Garnet, Ashe, Spryte, Ruto, Jasmine
Female Teachers: Anko, Huntress, Kurenai, Quistis, Yukari, Nyamo

Man a lot of hot woman to fantasize about. :-D Speaking of hot fantasies. This month will mark the end of the Spellcaster bonus set and there are quite a few hot spellcasters left to tribute. :-D Next up...the spellcaster Final Rush.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. great pics. suprisingly the one I don't like is the hot spring one. I hate it when people don't bathe naked and wear bathing suits instead.

  2. Nice set KSC. I loved the cap of the sole shot. This Princess has some of the cutest toes I had ever seen :D

    Oh, I voted for female fighters...though I wished you would have put in female psychics....since female psychics are the best (Also the fact that Sabrina's a psychic helps ;) )

  3. Thanks Watermaiden. The sad part about the episode for me was that Maddie the hot redhead doesn't really get the chance to show off her feet this episode. She's really one of my favorite villainesses.

    Thanks BTW. Female Fighters are really hot. Psychics definitely rock as does Sabrina. ;-)

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  5. It's fine P. I don't post Hentai because I want the site to maintain a PG rating but excerpt clip and picture you used were definitely clean. Thank You for for it. ^_^

  6. That Rockman episode was a godsend. ^_^

  7. Ah, no wonder I stopped getting e-mails about comments on the Roll entry. Hadn't expected another Mega/Rockman update.

    (Nothing new on the Roll commission front, by the way.)

    I'm trying to remember... Pride was a recurring character in Stream, right? Before that she also featured in two episodes in season 1 or 2. I think she might have been shown barefoot in the first of these... or maybe that was just my wishful thinking!

  8. Oh yeah, more Maddie in swimsuit.

    That is just a still, so that scene shows no feet.

    But this one does.

  9. could you repost them Veroom, both links state forbidden

  10. also KSC, technically Ruto and Spryte are both princesses in Zelda as well

  11. O_O I'll have to check the rest of Princess Pride episodes out Veroom. It's been a long time since I saw the series but I know there were at least two earlier episodes she was involved in. One where she befriended Lan while pretending to be a boy and another where she made Mayl jealous by kissing him. I can't remember if she went barefoot in them though. ^_^; I think she also has some other appearances in access and stream beside the swimsuit scenes also.

    Thanks very much for the Maddie scenes. ^_^ Both of them are really awesome. I posted a little bit of 27 way back here but 46 was completely new to me. I really like this character a lot. :-D

    The caps are from this episode Match.
    Maddie Swimsuit
    and this one
    <a href=">Maddie barefoot swimsuit</a>

    O_O Forgot about Ruto and Spryte. ^_^; I'll add them in. :-)

  12. Arrrgh. Curse you, KSC!

    After I'd just gone and made and uploaded all this, I find you've already featured most of it >.<

    Went back and checked - "Poipu" doesn't get shown barefoot after all. The kimono has those stupid slipper-shoe things.

  13. Here's some pics of Aphrodite the goddess of Love from the Wonder Woman comics.

  14. ^_^; Still a massive thanks for those pictures and clips Veroom. Maddie is a really awesome character. I'll think that I'll try and definitely try to do another tribute for her in the future. :-D

    Rats was hoping the Princess had a few more scenes. Still its nice that we got to see her feet at least once. ^_^

    O_O Thanks very much for Aphrodite P. That Goddess is really hot!!

  15. Ok BreakTheWalls here goes:

    Ninja Girls 1 to 1 Everyone likes Ninja girls. They're really powerful and hot. It also helps that this category has the Naruto girls inside of it. On their own they are a force to be reckoned with in any poll. When you combine them with hotties like Taki and barefoot ninja Ibuki...its almost a slaughter. ^_^;

    Princesses 3 to 1 I wouldn't have pegged these girls as doing so well if I was guessing at the beginning of the poll. I guess that Princesses soft and well taken care of feet definitely make them really popular.

    Female Fighter 5 to 1 Who wouldn't want to be kicked around be a hot female fighter's feet. Just thinking about how powerful these girls feet are bound to get them some votes. :-) Not to mention this category includes hotties such as Chun Li. O_O

    Villainesss 7 to 1 I think that the fact that I spent 3 months back to back posting villainesses might be hindering these girls a little from winning. Normally their dominant feet would be an easy contender for the number 1 spot but people might be exhausted from being forced to worship their feet three months straight earlier in the year. They still have a strong following though so you never know.

    Teachers 8 to 1 Teachers are hot and I think they really appeal to voter's schoolboy fantasies. :-D Who wouldn't be under a hot teacher's sniffing and worshipping her feet. ;-)

    Waitresses/Maid 9 to 1 Every guy here has probably had a maid fantasy at one time or another. I imagine their sexy uniforms and gratefulness for a foot massage after an exhausting day definitely give them a shot of winning this one.

    Superheroines 10 to 1 For some reason Superheroines seem to struggle in these type of polls. They are hot thoughs. *Sighs happily daydreaming about snuggling up against Supergirl's soles.

    Sorceress/Witches 15 to 1 I think the timing of this poll probably hurt this category. It's hard for people to long for something when they are getting their fill of it at the moment. Still, witches and sorceresses are really hot and I wouldn't mind letting them use their spells to bring me underneath their feet. :-)

    Female Assasins 17 to 1 This group of women can probably be pretty intimidating to voters but they are pretty hot. Even though these deadly woman are pretty risky to be around, I wouldn't mind at the mercy of their feet. Especially where a certain Irish assassin is concerned. ;-)

    Female Soldiers 18 to 1 This category has a bit of an uphill battle to fight. I think its not the first thing people will think to vote on but it does have some hot candidates like Lightning and Sammi, and Cammy. I also think that another thing that female soldiers have going for them is that they are really appreciative of a footrub as well. Imagine how tired their feet must be after marching for hours.

  16. KSC your first 4 there i dont think i would have an issue if they won :D but cant say much for the others but this is one of the polls that i dont think i would be REALLY upset about

  17. Nice set of odds it's my turn!

    Ninja Girls: 1-1 (Should have known that this was going to win, considering the fact that it includes all of the Naruto girls in it, as well as some other popular characters.)

    Princesses: 2-1 (Princess have always been popular and they are the only ones that can catch up to the Ninja girls)

    Fighter Girls: 4-1 (Fighters still have a chance, considering that it contains some of the most famous video game chicks are fighting girls, like Chun-Li and well as Ryomou Shimei ;) )

    Teachers: 8-1 (Like you said man, the Teachers have the advantage of the School Boy Fantasy.)

    Villainesses: 10-1 (I actually thought they would be doing better then they are now....I guess that everyone's tired of them after that huge uber bonus that you did last year)

    Waitresses/Maids: 13-1 ( Well, like you said....there outfits are very hot and they could always use a foot massage after a long day of work ;) )

    Superheroines: 16-1 (I was hoping they would do better but alas, they seem to be struggling, only with a modern day miracle can they win.)

    Sorceress/Witches: 18-1 (Another catagory that's not doing as well as I thought it would. I guess that since your doing a bonus on them anyways, people think that voting for them isn't needed.)

    Female Assassins: 23-1 (One of the less popular groups in this, it is expected that they would be struggling. Still one must not underestimate the power of a barefoot assassin dominating you ;) )

    Female Soldiers: 26-1 (It was a struggle from the very beginning since there's so few of them and many of them are not well known. It is going to be a major upset if these fighting ladies can win this )

  18. Yeah the first 4 groups are hot Jinto. ^_^

    Nice set of odds BTW. ^_^

  19. In the recent pages of the Hulk comics, the hot looking She-Hulk has seems since issue 600 of Incredible Hulk has been going Barefoot, and not to mention the new Red She-Hulk has made her appears since Hulk i think 16 being barefoot type girl. Here are some pics:

    And in case if everyone was wondering about those blue pair of legs, those belong to a mutant girl named Domino who was force strip naked by the Red She-Hulk.

  20. O_O Yes Yes Yes...Red She Hulk totally rocks. Definitely have to give this girl a tribute. Thanks so much for her P.