Thursday, April 1, 2010

Twilight Feet: Rosalie Hale

Continuing to do my part to honor the magnificence that is Stephanie Myers Vampire is a tribute to Edward's adoptive Sister Rosalie Hale. ^_^

(Various Webfinds of Rosalie and her actress Nikki Reed)

In the beginning of the Twilight saga, Rosalie's introduction establishes herself as beautiful, spoiled, self centered vampire who you could easily see making a living as a dominatrix getting worthless humans to crawl at her feet. She's mean to Bella and has no problem with using her beauty to get what she wants.

Actually the novels reveal her to be a lot more complex. Rosalie's tragic past being raped, beaten and turned into a vampire out of mercy really help to explain why she does the things that she does. She's hates being a vampire and would happily give up her immortality and beauty to have children and live as a human again. When she ultimately makes her peace with Bella and accepts her into her family, she shows herself to be a really strong character who would do anything to protect her belief even if it costs her her life.

Just from the samples of scenes I've seen involving her, Nikki Reed seems to be typecast in the role of the hot rich bitch type of girl pretty often. I don't know whether its part of the roles she plays but her feet are really well taken care of and beautifully pedicured in every picture that I've seen of them. Hot!!! a nod to the long surreal dream sequences Twilight is known for, I'll leave you to fantasize about Rosalie's feet for awhile while but more Twilight goodness to come soon.


  1. Again, not a Twilight fan, but she has some really suckable toes. ;)

  2. Thanks Ayane Matrix...yeah I think that she has really nice feet. ^_^