Thursday, April 1, 2010

Twilight Feet: Alice Cullen Plus Revelation ;-)

Ok everyone...its time for me to come clean and announce...APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!! most of you probably guessed changing the blog's theme from Anime to Twilight feet was all a massive prank. :-D Bella might have a realistic look to her but she can't beat a girl like Ino in terms of sheer awesomeness. However, I do have one last Twilight Tribute for you guys. Honoring the voters choice of favorite Twilight is a tribute to the sexy vampire Alice Cullen.

(These are a collection of webfinds of Alice and her actress Ashley Greene. A huge thank you to the mousepad community for helping me collect most of the foot pictures for this entire series of posts ^_^)

I was actually very surprised by the poll results. I thought for sure that Bella (being the lead female character) was going to easily walk away with a Twilight poll win. This was a nice surprise because Alice is my favorite character female character in the series too.

Anyway, what makes Alice so cool? Despite the fact that she's a vampire, she actually comes off as one of the sweeter characters in the series being Bella's friend and confidant. She's also really hot too. I love the goth look she's got going on. :-D Another nice thing about Alice is that she has cool psychic powers. She can see the future and change it making her a really useful ally to have around. Using her psychic gifts, I imagine that she can find out about your foot fetish pretty quickly. Of course given this vampire's mysterious nature, what she can do with that knowledge is anyone's guess. Maybe with her precognition she'll see the benefits of having someone to service her feet and make a foot servant out of you. ;-)

The nice thing about being able to save Alice for last is that her actress Ashley Greene really has a lot of foot pictures available. Searching for foot pictures of her was like trying to find food in a supermarket which definitely thrilled me to no end. :-D

Ok...hope everyone enjoyed this April Fool's Day Prank. ^_^

Until Next Time

*Snaps Fingers and reverts the site back to its classic Anime Foot Fetish Theme*


  1. Well duh, we knew this! lol

    As far as the image posts go though, she seemed to have the most foot-age of any other Twilight star you posted today. That, and she has some sexy, often dirty feet and toes! WOOT!

    Looks like she was a model beforehand though. Not that it matters as it made it easier to find her barefoot more often. ^_^

  2. Oh, and unless that first post was part of the joke, he needs to be moderated away.

  3. I Knew this was a Sick Joke. Hey KSC,can you do an "Often Overlooked By The Foot Community" thing for your next poll?


  4. Thanks Ayane Matrix. Yeah...the nice thing about Ashley is that there's a huge amount of material for much so that I had to stop collecting after I got through half of the pictures available. ^_^;

    Yeah I really like her feet too. ^_^

    Well...I sort of have the next two polls planned out already SFD but maybe in the future...who did you have in mind?

  5. why dose she look like an older version of talor swift