Friday, April 30, 2010

Spellcaster Conclusion: Lua Megapost Part 1's time to close out the Spellcaster bonus series with style....Jungle Style!!! Because nothing induces barefoot shock better than a scantily clad jungle girl. Well except maybe a scantily clad jungle girl whose also a spellcaster and a redhead. Keeping that in mind...the final spellcaster tribute is to the sexy Jungle shamaness Lua from Kong the Animation. Barefoot, mystical, jungle feet woot!!!

(These barefoot caps of Lua are from the King Kong cartoon...Kong the animation. A King Kong sized thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for capping Lua's greatest barefoot moments from the entire series!!!)

As if this wasn't enough barefoot jungle girl goodness to keep anyone who sees them in barefoot shock well into the next year...this is actually only the first half of the caps involving her. The amount of pictures that Match managed to get from this series proved so massive that I actually had to divide them up into two parts so that people's modems would be able to handle it. ^_^

I'm uploading the caps for the second half now. :-)

Ok...more to come in a little bit.


  1. Crikey. A tan redhead with some seriously sweet feet.

    You know, when it comes to animation that predated screen-capping, I often wonder if the animators had any idea we'd do stuff like this in the future.

    When it comes to foot coverage as caring and detailed as this, I suspect they might have!

  2. Hey, my friend. I've got a new batch for you, aince you're on a "girls in the jungle" kick, now's as good a time as any. I hope you like blondes!

    Okay, the first two are from the classic 80s show "GI Joe." The first is an episode called "Lasers in the Night," and features Amber, who sneaks into the COBRA base in a wetsuit and has to go barefoot the rest of the episode, including in the jungle. Included is a wonderful close-up (but people who don't like snakes are advised to beware!).

    The second is another episode called "Million-Dollar Medic." Here we have Brittany "Bree" Van Mark, whose pretty peds can be spotted in a bikini and in her PJs.

    Sorry I can't be more help. None of the immediate sources I can find are of high quality. Fortunately, the source material is readily available.

    Until next time!

  3. it took alot of work getting these caps but oh so well worth it

  4. WOW! I need to find this series, fast!!! Great stuff, KSC!

  5. its on Netflix Sole Keeper, oh i swear this character was designed for foot fetishists as the camera will focus on her feet for no reason

  6. *drools* A jungle spellcasting red head....I love it :D

  7. Don't,Sole Keeper. This show is Garbage. I'm saying this as your friend. Don't Bother with this Show and just enjoy the caps KSC has posted for us.

  8. Thanks Veroom. I imagine that if the animators of this cartoon had foot fetishes...they really got a chance to enjoy themselves drawing Lua's feet in so many different ways.

    O_O Thanks very much for the G.I. Joe tips Dave. I love blondes. :-D I'll try to track these episodes down. :-D

    Really spectacular caps Match. This one sent me unto barefoot overload repeatedly. Thanks again for them. ^_^

    Thanks Breakthewalls. :-D Barefoot Jungle Spellcasting Redhead FTW!!

    Well...I haven't gotten to watch this one Stefan but if Lua's feet are any indication at least the animation is good. Though I imagine it would be a little difficult for me to rate this one objectively since I would be going into barefoot shock every other scene. :-D

    Ok...stayed up late uploading caps last night. Going to take a nice long nap. I'll try to be on again later this evening. ^_^

  9. i dont know what show you are talking about stefan, though the massive amount of foot shots was indeed the reason i sought it i found it to be a good series, wish they made more

  10. I'm talking about this one match. Sure the animation is good,but the rest of this shjow is just major crap.

    The Foot shots are lovely though.

  11. It's me, yet again, with another round from our favorite freedom force, GI Joe. This time, the lady in question is the scrappy Lady Jaye, from the episode "Skeletons in the Closet." Watch the scenes in context; it's almost like the creators were saying "here you go. Come on back when you grow up."

  12. about halfway through and onto the last

  13. O_O So of the classic female characters barefoot. This is a really awesome find. Thank you so much for it guys. :-D

  14. Those shots are so overwhelming! Great job guys! Bonus points for posting a obscure girl.

  15. Thanks Digiharrisom...yeah Match really outdid himself with this one.