Tuesday, April 20, 2010

W.I.T.C.H.: Irma

Ok continuing with the W.I.T.C.H bonuses, here is a tribute to the last member of the acronym...Irma Lair. The nice thing about Irma is that in the episode I was capping, her individual foot scenes really outnumber her teammates'. She basically knocks the other girls out of the water. Enjoy guys!!

(Like the other W.I.T.C.H. tributes so far those are a combination of caps from the episode "N is for Narcissist" and Webfinds from across the web. Enormous thank yous to both the W.I.T.C.H. Fan P and Scissor/Femdom Endurance expert Breakthewalls for contributing material for this bonus.)

Irma's most notable characteristics are her spunkiness, cheerfulness, optimism and great sense of humor. I think she would find a foot fetish really amusing. She probably would lightly tease you about it and if she really likes you maybe playfully rub her feet in your face while mentioning how weird you are. :-p Though she's definitely the cockiest of the guardians and likes to be the center of attention, Irma's energy, optimism, and cheerfulness could win anyone over. (Deep down she's a kind and caring girl too.) If nothing else she can definitely make you smile.

Irma favorite subject is Geography. Her hobbies include shopping and listening to rock music. She also enjoys taking long baths and showers. Just imagine how soft smooth and well taken care of her feet are. ^_^

Having shown the earth, fire, and even the quintessence guardian already, by process of elimination, Irma's element is...yup you got it water. She all the basic waterbending Katara abilities and then some. She can produce rainclouds, ice and water, and use her element to shield her from danger. In addition to that, her ability manifests in unique ways giving her precognition (she can dream and see future events in liquids), mind control, invisibility, transformation, teleportation and flight. Talk about making a splash!!

Ok...that concludes the primary guardians but surprisingly there's still more W.I.T.C.H. feet to post. On that note more to come soon!


  1. its great to see that at least one of the girls gave off a lovely sole shot

  2. Yeah...I was really happy when I saw that too. :-)

  3. Ah, Irma. She's the type of girl I would love to curl up with on the couch and mock bad horror movies with.

  4. That does sound like the perfect to involve her in. :-D

  5. I like how Irma is in the cartoon. In the comics she seemed to be a bit chubby. ^_^ Nice stuff, KSC! As always.

  6. Really nice stuff THANKS for the posts couldnt say i like any of them over others though like i could in the past posts but thats not a bad thing :P

  7. Nice collection of Irma, no doubt that N is for Narcissist is one of the best of episodes of any cartoon with barefoot babes in it.

  8. While Irma may not be my favorite she does provide some quality foot shots as opposed to her friends. Still, Hay Lin fan all the way!

  9. true, its hard to resist a spunky chinese girl

  10. Hehe, so this is why she did so well on the Water poll ;)

    Not only is her character cool but she has quite a lot of sole shots :D

  11. Yeah...when I first saw Irma's soles up jaw dropped completely. She's really awesome. :-D

  12. Nice!
    One of my favorite series and here my absolute Nr. 1 favorite character.
    I think she´s the best character i ever saw (and will see :D ) in a series/comic. I´d love spend all day having fun with her. ;)