Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ikkitousen: Ryofu

At the risk of leaving no recuperation period from the awesomeness of Chou'un barefoot attack last night, here is the next Ikkitousen female fighter...the seductive vixen Ryofu Housen.

(Once again a massive thank you to the Femdom and Scissor Expert Breakthewall, the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 and the Sole Keeper for helping to cap, organize, tranfer and find the material used in this bonus)

You really have to give this girl some props. Ryofu is an extremely powerful fighter. In the course of the anime, she wiped the floor with Ryomou and would have beaten the undefeated Kanu as well if she wasn't struck by a chance lightning bolt. (Divine intervention on behalf of purple haired girls perhaps? ;-D) Like many other of the Ikkitousen characters, Ryofu is based off of one 0f the key players in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In this case it is Lu Bu the strongest fighter of the Sanguo period. As such Ryofu really struggles with a harsh destiny left behind with her past life where she is intended to mirror her previous incarnation killing her leader and taking her own life.

Ryofu's personality is somewhat complex. On one hand she is quite the "Seductress" in the anime dressing in really skimpy attire and tending to behave really sexual agressively. (Keep in mind several of the characters she comes across in this anime are women ;-D) She also can be pretty sadistic and cruel seeming to get real pleasure from teasing and tormenting Ryomou. At the same time there is a compassionate side to Ryofu's personality as well. She really is shown to care deeply about the people she loves. She also comes off as a really determined character attempting to change her own destiny. In that way she mirrors Hakufu and Ukitsu who struggle against their own destinies in the series as well.

As a beautiful, powerful, and strong willed fighter Ryofu is definitely one woman whose feet deserve to be pampered. Her dominant and cruel streak might even make her the perfect complement for submissive foot fetishists. I don't think any of us would mind if she decided to use her feet to dominate, tease and torment us with.

Ok that's going to be it for tonight everyone but there's still more vixens as Ikkitousen week continues.

Until Next Time!!


  1. I have to say, she is one of my favourite rapists..

  2. why is evil just so attractive?

  3. Ryofu is so hot!

    I would love it if she were to dominate me and turn me into her foot toy :D

  4. Agressive and dominating girls are fun. :-D

    Thanks very much everyone!!

  5. Easily the hottest girl in the show next to Ryomou. Bonus points for being a lesbian!

  6. Thanks for posting. I saw that first image years ago. I've remembered it now and then while wondering what the anime was. Might check the series out. Ryofu's cute. Have to say Cho'un looks cuter, though. :)