Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ikkitousen: Koumei (Bonus)

Continuing with the Ikkitousen girls. Our next character up is the brilliant child strategist Koumei.

(These are a combinations of webfinds and caps from the Ikkitousen anime. A massive thank you to Scissor/Femdom fan Breakthewalls as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for capping and organizing this bonus.)

Don't let her innocent appearance fool you. ^_^ Koumei may look like a young girl (which she technically is) but she's also an extremely intelligent and capable strategist. In fact this character pretty much singlehandedly created the strategy used to defeat Sousou (one of the lead Ikkitousen antagonists) and his group. When you take into account that Sousou has a powerful dragon to back's really quite a feat. ^_^; Koumei's brilliance as a strategist has earned her the nickname the "Crouching Dragon". As a member of the Seito academy, Koumei is very attached and protective of her leader Ryuubi (who as mentioned in an earlier bonus saved her from drowning). Although usually very serious, Koumei has been known act like a typical girl her age would on occasion. She enjoys building sandcastles and is really good at fishing. ^_^ All in all...she's a really cool character. :-D.

Ok everyone. More Ikkitousen still to come.

Heh heh the air in my apartment is way too hot. Gonna set my fan on maximum before I go to bed. Hope you guys are finding great ways to cool off this summer. :-D


  1. I was looking at the images in the bonus more carefully...that's a really sophisticated sand castle. O_O
    Koumei's pretty good at building things :-D

  2. Koumei is awesome....and so cute at the same time :D

    And yes Koumei is very good at building things (I don't remember what she was building though...I think it might of been a statue of Ryuubi.)

  3. Wow she really likes her leader. ^_^

  4. Indeed she does KSC :D

    She also has an interesting perk of sometimes referring herself to the third person.

    I gotta say...I would love to tickle her feet...I bet she has the cutest laugh :D

  5. She does look like she would be really fun to tickle. ^_^