Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ikkitousen: Ryuubi (Bonus)

It's difficult to follow up a purple haired hottie like Kanu but continuing with the Ikkitousen tributes our next girl up is the cute Seito Gakuen leader Ryuubi Gentoku.

(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from the Ikkitousen anime. Once again I have to give a tremendous thank you to femdom/scissor expert and Ikkitousen fan Breakthewalls for organizing and capping this tribute as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 and the Sole Keeper for transferring and posting clips and images which came in extremely useful for this bonus)

Where other Ikkitousen characters gain their fans through their badass reputations or dominating them into submission with their cool fighting skills, Ryuubi wins hers over though her charm and compassion. I think that she comes off as a lot more human and easier to relate to than some of the other Ikkitousen girls (who at times could be too cool for words). Ryuubi may not be the strongest fighter (at least not without her dragon anyway) but she's always trying to improve herself and do her best for the sake of her friends. Being clumsy, and maybe even a little bit ditsy, Ryuubi is the type of bookish girl that would much rather prefer reading to fighting but sadly gets the short end of the stick. As the leader of her school she's expected to do a lot of fighting eventhough she's not all that skilled and as a result is often the target of powerful fighters. To make matters worse even her dragon seems to be against her at one point trying to get her to disembowel herself. ^_^; Still, despite her naturally timid nature, this girl has a heart of gold and will really do anything to protect her friends if they are in danger. She doesn't think twice about entering a dangerous forest (where fighters are expected to die) to find her friend Kanu or diving into water when she sees a companion drowning despite the fact that she's a poor swimmer. Maybe that's why her teammates are so eager to respond in kind risking their lives to protect her as well.

In contrast to her normally gentle persona, when she is possessed by her dragon Ryuubi's personality does a complete 180 and she becomes a vicious, violent and ruthless monster that can only be stopped by bringing her to the brink of death or with the power of the Jade Dragon. It is a testament to Ryuubi's determination that she gradually exhibits some control of that side of herself throughout the anime being able to use her dragon's ability to protect her friends if the need arises.

I think that Ryuubi is so likeable that a lot of people find themselves rooting for her during her fights in the series. You know that a side character is really great when you find yourself cheering her on more then a lead character. :-) I think that all of us would love to soothe this cute bookworm's feet giving her a foot massage while she relaxes. ^_^

Ok...still more Ikkitousen to come everyone. ^_^

Until next time!!


  1. also has anyone noticed that girls with glasses often have large breasts in anime?

  2. Ryuubi is awesome....I would love to offer my face as a foot rest to her as she reads and rub them....with my tongue of course ;)

    I do notice that Match...must be on of those unwritten anime rules

  3. O_O You're right guys...I wonder why that is? ^_^

    Would love to be Ryuubi's footrest as well BTW. :-)

  4. Awesome another girl wearing glasses showing her feet.