Monday, June 28, 2010

Ikkitousen: Teni (Bonus)

:-D I bet when this bonus set first started you guy didn't expect there were that many Ikkitousen vixens with barefoot scenes to post. Anyway on battle vixen #11 the cute assassin Teni.

(Once again...a huge thanks to Femdom and Scissor Expert Breakthewalls and the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for helping cap, organize and collect the images for this bonus. ^_^)

Teni has a bit of tragic past. She was raped and abused by her father whom she was forced to kill in self defense and as an orphan she was picked on by and tormented by her peers after the event. (Sadly, kids can have a tendency to be really cruel. :-() It was after this that Shiba-I took took Teni under her wing and taught her to be her most loyal and deadliest follower yet. (See here to find out the outcome of that one. ^_^;) Despite her innocent appearance and strong Catholic beliefs (Catholic Schoolgirl woot!!) Teni is extremely dangerous. She can wield almost any weapon and she nearly killed Ryomou* but luckily Chou'un intervened.

As mentioned in a prior bonus in the manga Teni is able to play the guitar and uses it to entertain Shiba-I who she has a strong attachment towards. She even hides a weapon she possesses (the 100 swing dragon blade) inside an electric guitar Teni also makes an appearance in an Ikkitousen videogame that takes place post Dragon's destiny. Despite being badly injured and hospitalized after attempting to steal the jade dragon from Ryomou, (Seriously messing with blue haired chicks is a bad idea. ^_^;). Teni is shown to make a full recovery in the anime and at the end of her season is shown to be taking care of horses. :-D

I can't help feeling a little bit sorry for Teni in this series. The poor girl is used and abused a lot even by the person she is loyal too. If I was taking of her...I would definitely make sure that a pretty girl like this was happy and wouldn't dream of making her suffer. She really deserves to have her feet worshipped and respected after all she has been through. Ok everyone...still more Ikkitousen to come

Have a great night guys. ^_^

*Not without taking a fair amount of damage though. I think in the manga Ryomou was even able to disarm her first. ^_^;


  1. Yeah...I really like her outfit a lot. :-)

  2. Out of these three Teni is my fave. Gotta love the religious assassin types ;)

    I would love to cheer her up though, via tickling her cute feet with my tongue ;)

  3. Pleasure aside, I would personally kick her dad's ass for the way she was treated, but that's just me.

  4. not bad. The final part of my Spider-Man Cartoon thing is up...its been up for days. check it out before I move on.

  5. Yeah the father seriously needed a beatdown P. ^_^

    Somewhat behind on my commenting Stefan. It' been a long and busy week. I'll catch up eventually.