Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ikkitousen: Chouhi (Bonus)

Ok continuing with the Ikkitousen tributes, our next vixen up is the feisty tomboy Chouhi Ekitoku.

(A huge thanks to Femdom/Scissor expert and Ryomou's scissor toy Breakthewalls for capping and organizing this bonus as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots and the Sole Keeper for posting clips and transferring images used in this bonus as well.)

Chouhi reminds me a little bit of Makoto from Street Fighter. This character really makes me smile and I like her personality a lot. :-D A courageous and strong fighter, Chouhi comes off as a rather spirited individual. She's a little bossy and has a bit of a quick temper which really gets tested when dealing with her academy's leader Ryuubi (who would much rather read a book or slack off than train). I'm sure you guys can picture Chouhi's response to that. ^_^; Still you would be hard pressed to find a friend as loyal and true as Chouhi is. This is the type of girl who would walk through fire to protect the people she cares about. Sharing an oath with her friends Kanu and Ryuubi to protect one another, this girl took on a gang of thugs followed by Ryomou just to protect Ryuubi from harm (even continuing to fight even after she was badly beaten up). She was also right there alongside Ryuubi entering the forest where fighters are expected to die. This is one friend that I would definitely want on my side. ^_^

When I was looking through these caps...I couldn't help thinking how lucky Ryuubi was getting trained by a cute tomboy like this. As far as I am concerned, Chouhi can boss me around and abuse me with her feet all she likes. I think that I would probably intentionally slack off just in the hopes of being dominated by her feet as punishment.

Ok everyone...still more Ikkitousen yet to come.

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  1. WOOHOO!!! Chouhi! Finally! This sexy tomboy is my fave in Ikkitousen, since she reminds me so much of another fave of mine, Asuka Kazama (since she wears hakamas as well as sharing the tomboy/tough girl personality). It's great that she goes barefoot quite often in the anime (particularly in Great Guardians, where she spends most of her time possessed, barefoot and in her underwear in one episode. Kinda sucks though that she was given a crappy school swimsuit during the obligatory beach episode. ^_^ Anyway, great stuff, as always!

  2. man there are so many tomboys in this series, got to love it

  3. Chouhi is one of my faves in the series, every time she has a scene she always makes me laugh and is an awesome fighter as well. Not to mention, she's the ultimate tomboy in the series :D

    I also like that fantasy of yours KSC. Though, I think I should warn you that if you do slack off....well let's just say that she really knows how to use her feet for deadly use ;)