Friday, June 25, 2010

Ikkitousen: Chou'un

Slicing her way into this bonus series, our next Ikkitousen girl up is the powerful white haired warrior maiden Chou'un Shiryuu.

(These are once again a combination of webfinds and caps from the Ikkitousen anime. A huge thanks to femdom and scissor expert Breakthewalls as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for organizing, capping and transferring images for this bonus. Both you guys are awesome. ^_^)

This enigmatic swordswoman is badass. As the last of the Seito Academy female members Chou'un is also extremely dedicated to the protection of her academy's leader Ryuubi. (Wow that glasses girl really has a lot of really devoted hotties looking out for her ;-p). As a swordfighter, Chou'un is extremely skilled. This girl was able beat Ryomou when the latter's dragon had awakened and has held her own against Kanu fighting the undefeated purple haired fighter to a stand still. To top it off she pretty much takes on her opponents with her eyes completely shut. Blind swordswoman woot!! O_O

Chou'un's personality can be described as pretty laid back and relaxed. She believes violence is unnecessary and that conflicts can be solved without bloodshed. This is a stark contrast to her badass appearance (Bet this girl wouldn't have to say much to make you give up your lunch money ^_^;) She seems to have a great deal of respect for Kanu who is sort of like a rival to her. One fun quirk involving this girl is that despite her massive skill with a sword, she's terrible at gardening. The final episode of Dragon's Destiny had her attempt to shave a hedge...only to have it fall apart on her in the end. :-p Anyway, poor skills with flowers aside this girl is massively cool. ^_^

Judging from these caps, for someone who is using her feet a lot, Chou'un's feet look to be in really good condition. She must take really good care of them. I think it would be really awesome to give this girl a foot massage to help her relax after a long day of swordfighting.

Ok guys...yet some more Ikkitousen hotness to come. ^_^

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  1. the strong quiet noble types, got to love them

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  3. Chou'un is awesome...I love strong and powerful :D

    I would so pamper her feet for her after she fights and trains :D

  4. Cho'un rocks. I find these characters who have their eyes shut quite fetching. That she's an ultrasexy swordswoman just makes her all the more awesome. I'd service those perfect feet for days. ^__^

  5. Thanks everyone. You guys are right. ^_^ Strong, powerful, women definitely rock. :-)