Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ikkitousen: Kanu

Continuing with the Ikkitousen is a tribute to the "Warrior Goddess" Kanu Unchou. ^_^

(Once again these are a combination of webfinds and caps from the Ikkitousen anime and I really have to give a massive thank you to Femdom/Scissor expert and Ikkitousen fan Breakthewalls for organizing and capping this bonus. Also a big thank you to the the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for transferring the images.)

I like Kanu a lot and not just because I have a soft spot for purple haired girls or because she has the type of long sexy legs that you could spend an entire day admiring. Kanu is really cool. She's a strong fighter being able to beat some of the strongest characters (Ryomou and Hakufu*) in the series in back to back fights. This girl's undefeated. ;-) She's also an extremely loyal companion and fiercely devoted to her friends. Her and the characters Ryuubi (her groups leader) and Chouhi took an oath to protect each other until they die and she really tries her hardest to make sure her part of that bargain is fulfilled. Go friendship!! In the anime she comes off as the serious type but there are some moments where she reveals a lighter side to her personality. She definitely a really great character and one who deserved to have her feet kissed out of respect. ^_^

Ok that's all for tonight but definitely more Ikkitousen to come. ^_^

*The former came at the expense of a broken arm while the latter she just barely pulled ahead.


  1. When I was working on this tribute with Breakthewalls...this in addition to one girl that is coming later is the girl I was really looking forward to posting most. *Blushes*

    Anyway...more to come soon guys!

  2. Well Kanu has always been my fav character of the series for a lot of reasons just wish she had more shots like Ukitsu :/

  3. got to love a girl who loves to show off her feet, not to mention those barefoot shoes

  4. Kanu is awesome...I wouldn't mind being a kicking bag for her or kissing her feet out of respect :D

    Needless to say I'm really glad that I found some barefoot shots of Kanu. I was worried at some points that we might never see her awesome feet in some points in the series!

  5. Awesome pics KSC. Purple-haired girls showing off their feet? Bank-breaker ^_^

  6. WHOA, Awesome!!! Why don't I ever spot those amazing barefoot Kanu figures in the hobby stores? Uber-hot babe!!! Great stuff, KSC!

  7. Thanks guys. ^_^

    I really like Kanu as well Jinto. ^_^ Yeah also wish that they gave her more scenes in the anime too. ^_^

    Yeah Match. I also really like how a lot of the dolls for her had removable footwear. :-D

    That sounds like the perfect fantasy involving her BTW. ^_^ Thanks again for these caps of the purple haired hottie. :-)

    Thanks very much Money $ign. ^_^

    Thanks Sole Keeper. Yeah I'm really amazed at the detail Japanese figurines have. :-)