Friday, June 4, 2010

Yoruichi (Bonus) w/ Spotlights

Ok...It took me a while but as is a tribute to last month's poll winner Yoruichi Shihōin. Enjoy guys!!

(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from various episodes of the Bleach anime including episodes 41 and 59. Massive thank yous to both the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 and the GTS/Webfinding Master Mr. E for helping gather material for this bonus. I know that I've said it before but you guys totally rock. ^_^)

So what make Yoruichi's feet the ones that most people would like to snuggle up against? That's really easy...this girl is awesome. Not only is she exotically hot but she's also a really powerful fighter with amazing speed and martial arts skill that can match even the strongest characters in the series. This woman was once the field commander of the Shinigami forces and has managed to hold her own against Shinigami captains, Hallows and Arrancars alike. Possessing a quick wit and a playful personality, this girl has been known to toy with her opponents as she wipes the floor with them.

Yoruichi uses her feet a lot breaking out some really intense martial arts kicks and running around at speeds few characters in this series can match. She probably would really love having a human foot massager to snuggle against her feet and help keep them relaxed. I bet she would even teasingly rub her warm feet against your face as a reward. All hail this Flash Goddess!!

Perhaps inspired by Yoruichi, I'm going to attempt my own flash attack hitting you guys with a wave of summer reading material. :-D

Just when I think I'm guys pull me back in. It looks like the summer season has really started with a new string of really great fetish stories and websites making their appearance in recent weeks. Go writers!!! Feeling this new energy...let's revisit for some classic and newly created storylines.

First off to tie in with the above tribute here's a great storyline involving Yoruichi from the Smell of Her Feet Interactive. I'm 95% percent sure that I spotlighted this story arc in the past and I've definitely mentioned this interactive in the spotlights column several times but this really is one of my favorite Yoruichi foot fetish stories. I really love the way that Yoruichi dominates the main character with her feet in this storyline and the author who started this story arc (Mr. Cool) is one of my favorite authors on There are also some good follow up chapters involving Yoruichi hypnotizing her victim to become her footslave by Trader Joe. I definitely recommend Yoruichi fans to check this one out. ^_^

Some other good story arcs involving Yoruichi include Torborg's Bleach Girls Feet Battle Interactive and Lelouch's Anime Shrink Interactive. The first story (which include great contributing authors such as Melroser76 and Torborg) involves Yoruichi punishing Ichigo by making him smell her feet. The second one (a crossover gts story) has Yoruichi nurture a broken Naruto after he was dominated and abused by Soi Fon. Contributing authors to the crossover storyline include one of my old writing partners Dylan M. as well as Anime Shrink Interactive moderator Lelouch.

Ok continuing to tie in with this entry, I'd also like to Spotlight one of Mr. E's Giantess World Stories: Christmas Eve at My Cousin's Feet
Spinning off of Mr. E's classic Shrunk with Friends, Family and More interactive. This story gives a more mature version of Jake's Cousin Bianca center stage as she shrinks him and makes him her tiny pet and footslave. Definitely a really hot read!!

Recently updated with some cool new chapters is Superhero Foot Fetish by Dr. Awesome Funk. The 3 new chapters include the main character Hawkboy, a superhero with a foot fetish, getting to have his way with fellow Superhero Ninja Girl and Mind Control Villainess Pixie's feet written by JustinKredible, Foosboy, and Thatguyisme. Needless to say...Hawkboy is really lucking out in both story arcs.

Another recently updated interactive is Kindom Hearts Shrinking by Zinkro.
This one has two great ongoing arcs involving Sora getting shrunk around FFX's Black Mage Lulu and the Darkstalker's hottie Felicia written by Zinkro and Albo respective. Sora gets a chance to be at both of these girls feet in this chapter. Catgirl feet! Goth Sorceress feet! Woot!!

Speaking of Zinkro, since I last did a spotlight's column, he and I have added a couple of chapters to my Comic Book Women Feet Interactive ( completing an ongoing GTS Batgirl story arc. In addition there are also some great new storyline continuations involving Psylocke dominating an assasin with her feet by author Sambo and Catwoman dominating the Black Cat and Harley Quinn by authors ljjnico and Black Belt. Hot!!!

Ok...Finally I would also like to spotlight a new Cartoon Girls Blog called Forgotten Toon Girls by Blogger Digiharrisom. This blog tributes underappeciated cartoon women with caps, clips and animations even giving their feet some exposure when possible. Definitely a really awesome site to check out

All Right...that is going to do it for tonight. Have a great Weekend Everyone and as usual more to come soon. ^_^


  1. you missed a scene, in the 100 years past eps she walks into her quarters, where in the corner of the screen you can see her bare sole and toes as she walks in

    also im surprised so many people are picking blonde, Blonde girls exist all over so why would one waist their vote on a dime a dozen blonde and not some girl with green hair?

  2. And currently in second by some margin is black, too.

    A surprise victory for realism?

    Looking forward to the spotlights.

  3. Yoruichi! Cool one, guys. This catgirl's the one beauty in Bleach who most often goes barefoot (and naked) thanks to her feline alter-ego, I guess. She's awesome, and it's great that she bares her foot a bit in the latest Bleach manga chapters. I LOVE that artwork of her with Kisuke... cute work.

  4. O_O Thanks for the heads up Match. Which episode is that? Is it the flashback when she faces off against Soi Fon or a later storyline?

    Yeah its really interesting the way people are voting guys. I knew blondes would do well *Daydreams about Supergirl and Ino* but I expected some of the more exotic colors to do well too. I guess we'll see how this one continues to play out.

    Thanks Solekeeper. Yeah that image is really very sweet. :-)

  5. Awesome post KSC. Yoruichi is one of my favorite characters in the I would love to snuggle against her soles....and maybe give them a playful lick or two ;)

    Oh and I need to add this....Soi Fon is quite the lucky gal...getting scissored by Yoruichi :D

  6. later, like the Back in Time arc

  7. Thanks BTW. Licking Yoruichi's feet does sound really hot!!

    As for Soi Fon...Definitely would love to be in her position in those caps. :-D

    O_O I'll try to find that arc Match. Thanks very much for it.

  8. 0_0 I don't watch Bleah, but this girl just might change my mind. She's dark skinned, sexy, not afraid to show her body, cute feet, nice body, DAMN! Words can't describe how hot she is!

  9. Thanks Digiharrisom. It's true Yoruichi really loves showing off her body. She seems to especially like teasing the main character of the series by flashing him.

  10. I cant believe i missed those barefoot shots in the current chapters of bleach. Man am i shocked. Great post KSC.

  11. Dunno why Blue haired women are losing, they're so cute and cuddly.

  12. Thanks Richfeet. ^_^

    Yeah Blue haired woman are definitely really hot Feetintheclouds. *Smiles thinking about Kosmos, Hinata, Akane and Kaname and Sailor Mercury.*

  13. I bet you miss Spotlighting my work,huh KSC?

    Well,You can spotlight my DA activity.

  14. And big thanks for spotlighting my blog! :) You don't know how much that means to me! ^_^

  15. KSC, you forgot everyones favorite blue hair girl, Rei Ayanami

  16. I really love your job. Excellent!!

  17. Well...maybe in the future Stefan.

    No problem Digiharrisom. Keep up the great blogging. ^_^

    O_O Yeah...that Neon Genesis Evangelion hottie is really great Match. ^_^

    Thanks Daniel. ^_^

  18. You know, you guys should check out the new Evangelion movie, you can get an awesome shot of Asuka's toes and soles after she kicks Shinji at about 15-26 minutes in.

  19. O_O I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip Stephan.

  20. Oops, I mean 15-16 minutes into the movie.

  21. Well, I gave a link to a gif of the scene I mentioned: I have link to the movie, but, unfortunately you have to download it in parts: Problem is, the subtitles are in Spanish but I'm pretty sure you guys don't care about that so anyway, Be sure to download "Evangelion 2.22" ( that's the new movie). The larger files are for the Blu-Ray rip and the smaller ones for SD DVD rips, Have Fun!

  22. O_O Thanks very much for the links to the scene Stephan.

  23. now i'd be lying if i told everyone I'm a die hard bleach fan - but the truth is i've recently seen the odd 2 or 3 episodes - all had amazing footage of yoruichi, another fav anime girl on2 my list. ^_^