Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poll of the Month 25 Results

Ok...the 25th Poll of the Month has come to an end. After a whopping 1542 votes, here are the results.

It looks like Yoruichi managed to flash step ahead of the other girls claiming 505 votes and proving that her feet are the ones that most voters would love to snuggle against. In second place was was the Ranma 1/2 hottie Shampoo and the Mew Mew leader Ichigo just managed to squeeze her way into 3rd place. It hard to feel sorry for the rest of these girls...they all proved to have avid fans of their own and none of them scored less than 18 votes. (I was actually really impressed that Meracle Chamlotte did as well as she did. Go Star Ocean fans :-D)

A always...a massive thank you to everyone for voting and I'll definitely keep your opinions in mind for future bonuses and writing. Ok I'll post a new poll of the month tonight as well as a tribute to Yoruichi soon.

Have a Really Great Day Everyone!!


  1. So which of these hot Kittens was my favorite? I'm in total agreement with the majority on this one... Yoruichi was my favorite too. She can rub her sexy feet in my face as much as she would like. :-D

    Anyway, really great voting everyone!!

  2. The English dub of Bleach sucks major crap.

    And do a Bonus of a superior kitty,one that you forgot on your poll,Aisha Clan Clan.

  3. Voted for shampoo since I've been a fan of Ranma 1/2. I don't believe she ever went barefoot IIRC.

  4. I really wanted Catwoman to win. Whip, leather, boots? She's the definition of the word fetish! Still, bank breaking poll!

  5. KSC, i really think you should consider leaving out Obvious Win characters in these polls. I dont think there was one person here that didnt expect that Yourichi would win

  6. I thought that the Manga of Bleach was pretty well done SFD. I think that the biggest complaint with the anime is that the first few episodes were very rushed. From the second season onward the episodes are much better paced. I'll try to do Aisha too.

    Shampoo is definitely hot Feetintheclouds. O_O I might have had to really search for her if she won.

    Thanks Money $ign. Yeah it would have been great if Catwoman won. I have a huge crush on her as well plus she's really dominating too. :-D

    It's true Match...she seemed to really pull ahead in this one. ^_^

  7. I voted for Catwoman, since she's one of the first villainess I had a crush on.

    Also, I gotta agree with Match. Every time your see a Naruto, Pokemon or Bleach (Among countless others) character on the polls you usually know who's going to win.

  8. Catwoman is a really hot choice BTW. ^_^

    Yeah Naruto, Pokemon and Bleach definitely really seem to have an advantage. I wonder what the next big series will be in the future?

  9. oh KSC, in the new chapters of Bleach, they reveal Yoruichi's feet. check out

    read from up

  10. Awe, hardly anyone voted for Blair or Cheetara! T_T

    Then again, as it's been mentioned, adding any character from a set of super popular series is pretty much asking for them to win right at the get go.

  11. O_O Awesome moments involving her Match. Definitely going to add those into her bonus. Thanks for them. ^_^

    Yeah those two definitely need more love Ayane Matrix. I was actually surprised thought Himari would do better than she did...I guess that she's rare. ^_^