Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ikkitousen: Shiba-I

Hey guys. Had a bit of a long weekend this week and I probably might need some downtime in the future. However let's try and finish up these Ikkitousen girls before that happens. Ikkitousen has its share of prodigies, tomboys, dominitrixes, and fighters, I guess it was only a matter of time before we arrived at a full scale villainess. Keeping that in is a tribute to the ultimate bad girl of the series Shiba-I.

(Various webfinds and caps of Shiba-I from the Ikki Tousen anime. A huge thank you to the Femdom Master and Scissor Fan Breakthewalls (who I think really outdid himself finding rare barefoot moments of this hottie) as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for organizing these bonuses, capping and transferring these images.)

You have your run of the mill bad girls who would be content with robbing a bank or two and creating a little havok and then there are villainesses like Shiba-I, When it comes to being evil, she pretty much sets the bar. Seeking nothing short of full scale chaos, this master manipulator's long list of evil deeds pretty much speak for themselves. First of all she pretends to need a wheelchair eventhough she can walk perfectly fine just to take advantage of handicapped benefits and fool her enemies into thinking she is helpless. (That's just wrong on so many levels.) She also somehow convinces the deeply religious Teni (the girl rubbing her back in the last cap) that she is Mary (Maria) and gets her to become her devout follower. Despite Teni's loyalty to her, Shiba-I is quick to discard any affection towards her follower when Teni is hospitalized after failing to bring her master the Jade dragon. Needless to say this bad girl would do anything to reach her goals including trying to run down heroes in the anime in her car. O_O Ultimately as a last resort this villainess sacrifices herself after her team is defeated to summon and power up a possessed Sousou (a dragon powered fighter who was the ultimate antagonist for that season) to lay the smackdown on the heroes. Have to give this girl an A+ for villainy. ^_^;

An interesting sidenote is that Shiba-I seems to like guitar music. She is seen playing a guitar in the Dragon's Destiny (Second season) opening credits and also teaches Teni how to play it in the manga so that Teni could entertain her master with it.

As a bad girl who seems to enjoy controlling people and getting them to wait on her hand and foot(I emphasize the latter term ;-D), I'm sure Shiba-I would enjoy getting her feet massaged and worshipped. She could manipulate me into being her foot servant any day. :-D

Ok more Ikkitousen women still to come guys!!


  1. One thing about back to back posting is that the tagline gets changed very quickly. Just in case you guys missed this one it was "Manipulated into Worshipping Villainess Feet Since 2007".

    Special thanks to Breakthewalls for suggesting this one. ^_^

  2. Your welcome KSC :D

    And just for the record, I would love to be manipulated into being this sexy villainesses foot servant :D (Not that she has to try all that hard mind you ;) )

  3. Hey, I haven't seen this girl yet... or at least I don't remember her... maybe she enslaved me and took away my memory with her sexy feet... ^__^

  4. IIRC, the funny thing is that there WAS an actual figure in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Which is what Ikkitousen is based on, if I SIMILARLY recall that correctly.) that ALSO feigned sickness to fool his enemies. Furthermore, I seem to recall that it was in fact, Shiba-I, not this one, but the original. In that case, I'd say that was very well-played on the writer's part. :D

    1. Wow that's a great bit of trivia Mister Bushido. :-)