Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ikkitousen: Ukitsu (Bonus)

Continuing to Tribute the Ikkitousen girls...our next hottie up is the "genius" fighter Ukitsu.

(Various scenes from the Ikki Tousen anime collected and capped by Femdom/Scissor expert, Ikki Tousen fan and this bonuses' organizer Breakthewalls. Massive thanks to him for sharing this series with us. ^_^ Also huge thanks to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for transferring these images)

There's a limited amount of background storyline information that I can give regarding this character without entering spoiler territory. Suffice it to say Ukitsu is responsible for the death of the Ikki Tousen lead character (Hakufu) in her past incarnation and the two characters' destinies are intertwined. Will history repeat itself?

Ukitsu gains the nickname genius because of her knowledge and fighting ability. She supposedly mastered every martial arts style and is really powerful. Though she doesn't have any Chi ability...she doesn't need it. This girl's natural martial arts skills allow her to hold her own against some of the stronger characters in the series. One of the things that I really like about this character is her strength and determination. She really pushes herself very hard training with weights* and pushing her mind and body to their limit. It's very rare to find a character that can match her strength of will and I really admire her for being able to do that. ^_^

When I was looking at the caps, my jaw dropped upon seeing the POV kick from this tanned beauty. I would really love to be on the receiving end of one of those. She also looks really feisty and energetic in the picture. I think it would be really fun getting to have her rub her feet in your face and tease you. :-D

Ok guys....that's going to do it for tonight but more Ikkitousen action to come soon!!
*Needless to say her abilities significantly increase when they are taken off.


  1. Dare I say it, those weights are somewhat cute.

  2. And thank you for posting this Triton...Ukitsu rocks :D

    Not only is she an awesome fighter...but she is really self-less as well.

  3. Oh yeah I love the weights and her tan feet as well as admire her selflessness too. ^_^

    She's definitely a really cool character. :-)

  4. Ok BreakTheWalls here goes the odds for this month:

    Blondes 1 to 1 I don't know if I would have picked this to win in the beginning but definitely now. :-D There are a lot of hot women in this category Ino and Supergirl to name a few.

    Redheads 3 to 1 Flannery and Lunamaria are included in this category...nuff said.

    Black haired women 4 to 1: Interesting twist...didn't expect them to be doing so well. Maybe Azula is pressuring voters to vote her way. :-)

    Blue 6 to 1: Of the exotic hair colors blue seems to be during the best by far. They do have a nice set of girls.

    Pink 8 to 1: It does have some heavy hitters including a fan favorite Kunoichi and a barefoot gymleader.

    Purple 10 to 1: This girls have quite a climb to reach the top but they may still overtake the other runners up. It's a very close race. Grape is a favorite flavor though.

    Green 12 to 1: A lot of cool women for this set.

    Orange 15 to 1: Well there's Nami and Misty to carry this one...

    Brown 16 to 1: If there's one things guys have learned in their lifetime ... its never bet against a brunette. I won't say that they are going to win this but I definitely wouldn't dare to put them last.

    White 18 to 1: Definite one of the more exotic colors but there are some strong women to the set. It should be interesting to see how they do.

  5. Well i took Blonde for Cagalli :D

    but wow Ukitsu is rather nice and fights barefoot with weights seems like shes a capable fighter with out any help

  6. Alright, here I go.

    Blondes: 1-1 (I find it strange that their doing so well to be honest. I thought for sure that one of the more exotic types would win this. Still I can see why, with hotties in this category like Jaina and Android 18)

    Redheads: 5-1 (These gals are the only ones to have even a ghost of a chance at beating the Blondes)

    Black haired: 7-1 (These gals might have a chance to upstage the redheads...but still has a long way to go in upstaging the Blondes)

    Blue haired: 8-1 (They are doing the best out of the "Anime" colors so far, though it's easy to see why, considering they have Mou-Chan in their group ;) )

    Pink: 10-1 (This was actually my first pick in the beginning to win this....looks like I was wrong ^_^; )

    Purple: 13-1 (I voted for this group....I don't know why but there's something about Purple hair that I like....not to mention this group has Kanu and Motoko Kusanagi :D)

    Green: 15-1 (I truly wish this one was doing better....considering on how it has Sabrina in it.)

    Orange: 17-1 (Well, this one does have a long way to go since it's more of a sub-type then a type of hair color...still it has Hakufu,Nami and Misty in it so it still has a shot)

    Brunette: 20-1 (I'm surprised on how there doing actually, I would have figured they would be doing better...considering some of the woman that's in this category)

    White: 25-1 (By far the rarest of the bunch. Still...I wish they were doing better. Also, has anyone else noticed that most of the girls in this group tend to be Ebony hotties?)

  7. Oh and Jinto, Ukitsu actually doesn't fight barefoot (Which is a shame)

    The reason she was barefoot in this scene actually was that they were at a pool and I guess she thought it would be best to take her shoes off.

    But she is a very capable fighter.

  8. O_O I really like Cagali too Jinto. :-)

    Great set of odds BTW. With regard to the white haired ebony girls I was thinking that too when I was listing them out. I wonder why that is?

  9. Nice stuff! Ukitsu isn't my fave character in Ikkitousen, but she's quite awesome due to her strength, although her role is pretty small overall. That POV kick really is great!!! I wish she fought more in her bare feet, but as far as I know she's dead in the anime, but may have been resurrected... ah, complexities... ^_^

  10. Thanks Sole Keeper. Yeah I wish she had more barefoot scenes to wow us with in the anime. ^_^

  11. 0_0 Sorry I'm still distracted by the 5th screen. A shiny foot. Pure win...This girl is hot too, but she looks a little young.

  12. Yeah...Pov shots are one of my favorite types of foot poses. ^_^ I think Ukitsu is about 17. I think she's definitely shorter than a lot of the girls in the series.