Monday, June 28, 2010

Ikkitousen: Gakushin (Bonus)

I know what you're thinking...didn't he just...? Well inspired by the Ikkitousen girls I'm channeling my inner dragon and going for a combo attack tributing these women in rapid succession. ^_^ Our next vixen up is the elite fighter Gakushin Bunken.

(Once again a combination of caps and webfinds from the Ikkitousen anime. Massive thank yous to Femdom and Scissor expert Breakthewalls as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for organizing, capping and posting this bonus.)

A powerful fighter, Gakushin is a member of the "Mountain Gods" (a team of three elite fighters). She has the rather unique power of being able to read people's memories by kissing them. (Would love for her to test that ability on me. :-D) Eventhough she has a relatively minor appearance in the manga and anime, she's still really memorable and cool.

I was looking at the images and bios for this girl thinking this character looks like she's on her feet all day. I can only imagine how tired her feet must be from all that fighting and long mountain walks. I think that she would probably really for a foot rub. I'm sure there are more than a few foot fans out there who would love to show her feet their unique soothing power by kissing them.

Ok more Ikkitousen girls still to come everyone!!


  1. Nice post KSC.

    I would offer my face to her as foot rest where she can lay her feet on and soothe her feet by licking them ;)

  2. you know i would love to give her a nice long foot massage

  3. Being a girl that walks barefoot all the time in the mountains, she does need a good rub.

  4. Thanks guys.

    All three of those situations involving sound really hot!! ^_^

  5. Really too bad this hottie didn't have too many appearances in the anime, but every time she did at least they usually showed her sexy feet. I'd lick and suck her feet anytime. ^__^

  6. Yeah she looks really cool. Definitely wished she had more appearances. ^_^