Friday, June 11, 2010

Crystal (Bonus) w/ Medusa Cameo

Well...I'm still in the process of organizing that weeklong tribute but its not quite ready yet so here's some more filler material. Maybe it's thinking about the rare set of Orange haired girls or a reference to her sister in the Sole Keeper's latest entry but my mind has been dwelling on Crystal a lot lately. I guess there's no better way to get her out of my system than a tribute to her.

(Various webfinds of this Inhuman Hottie. The Lockjaw scene is an excerpt from Girl Comics Issue #2)

I really like Crystal a lot. Marvel has no shortage of strong, intelligent, beautiful women, femme fatales and heroines...but you'll be hard pressed to find a woman as sweet as Crystal. This character's kind personality can melt even the hardest of hearts. Added onto that she's really easy on the eyes too. Perfect girlfriend material. ^_^ I also have to say that Lockjaw (the dog in the above pictures) is a really lucky pet having two hot sisters looking after him like that. :-D

Ok That's basically all for tonight. Have a great weekend everyone and as usual...more to come soon. ^_^


  1. You know, I saw her in one episode of the Fantastic Four. I do believe she was barefoot, but I can't remember.

  2. this is a first out of all the posts you have made this is the first girl i have no idea who Crystal is and what she is from :/

    But i like the 4th pic and also the one with the "Small" Dog in it which must be rough washing him

  3. O_O I know that her and her sister made an appearance in the Fantastic Four series but didn't know she was barefoot Digiharrisom. Wow...I have to go and watch that series. ^_^

    Oh yeah Crystal is pretty rare Jinto. She's a minor character from the fantastic 4 series who dated the Human Torch awhile.

    As for the dog...yup especially since he has the ability to teleport anywhere he wants to. :-D

  4. I gotta say, that dog is pretty lucky, being a pet of two hot sisters ;)

    What are Crystals powers?

  5. Crystal's power is that she can somewhat control the four elements. Think Aang from avatar but on a much more limited scale. She also has enhanced strength and healing but she has some weaknesses that regular humans do not. She is extremely sensitive to the slightest bit of environmental pollution and because of that...she can't really survive in our current atmosphere without a special serum designed by Reed Richards.

  6. wow Johnny dating on girl :P

    i have been unable to find any decent pictures of her aside from the ones you posted

    But Crystal has a BAD weakness that makes her vacation to earth kinda short :P

  7. Yeah barefoot pictures of her are really hard to find. If I find anymore of her or her sister...I'll post them in the future. ^_^