Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sailor Mars Bonus 2

I told you that Sailor Mars would be back. ^_^ I thought I'd give everyone a brief break from all the comic book shots I was posting. Enjoy!!

(Sorry about the low quality of some of of these shots. ^_^; Most of them are from Sailor Moon Episode 20, another swimsuit episode that was cut in the states. I also took a few of the facial shots from episode 67 again because they were slightly better quality. Again...huge props to SFD for tipping me off to this.)

Everyone can probably tell that I intended to post these Sailors Mars pictures back to back with my other Mars bonus, but poor Rei got pushed aside; first in favor of the sexy Vamp Moka and then in favor of Marvel Girls week. However, with a girl as sizzling hot as Rei, there's no way that she could stay in the background for very long. As a kid, Mars was my first anime crush based largely on her choice of footwear and spicy personality. I loved watching her pumps appear on her feet when she transformed. Since she's still one of my favorites, it a safe bet to say that you haven't seen the last of her here. ;-)

Ok...Enjoy the day everyone and stay cool this summer!!


  1. I know. I still can't believe they cut out that cute episode. Those bastards. I digress. As I said before, these scenes are as cute as Rei's face, which is why I'm posting this message. Good work.


  2. Seriously right...Those censors need to lighten up a bit. Yup Rei is definitely cute. ^_^

  3. At least they now have the DVDs out uncut with English subtitles, so that'll compensate. Cute? You can say that again.