Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Maid (Bonus)

I have to head out...but I just wanted to post these pictures of the Sexy Heroine American Maid before I left. I really loved this scene as a kid. Enjoy guys!!

(These are from the Tick episode: "The Tick vs Chairface Chippandale". I really wish I could find this episode in higher quality)

Yeah...she actually threw her shoe at him. Best female accessory turned crimefighting weapon ever. :-D

Until Next Time Everyone!!


  1. more female heroes need an attack like that

  2. don't forget about the episode where she throws both her shoes and then retreats barefoot

    I think it was the episode with the monster clown.

  3. That's right Stefan. I remember that one too.

    Interesting find, KSC. I didn't know you were a TeleToon watcher too. :)

  4. Thanks for the tip Stefan...I'll see if I can find it.

    :-D TeleToons definitely rock Kyle!!

  5. No, I meant the network TeleToon.

    So, any new stories you got planned, Triton?

  6. Well no new stories in mind yet...but there are a lot of stories that I'd really like to continue. The difficulty is deciding which story to do first and finding the time to write it.

    Although...recently I've been eyeing Huntress lately so there's a strong possibility that I might do a new chapter for her in the near future.

    What about you DW? Any new/continuing story threads in the works?

  7. I do have one, Triton. It stars the Queen of Tomboys herself. :D

  8. Queen of the Tomboys? I'm looking forward to that very much.

  9. You know who I'm talking about, right?

  10. you must be speaking about Toph, how can anyone even come close to her being a lovely Tomboy

  11. He's right, KSC. That's who I'm writing the story about, and part one is already up. :)

    There are many tomboys out there that once sat on that very throne, but a certain show brought about The Rise of Toph. Many good tomboys are out there, past and present; but from now to forever, the Tophsome One herself will sit back, relax (with a nice foot rub now and then), and twirl the crown on her finger. :D