Sunday, January 25, 2009

Carmen Sandiego Feet (Bonus)

For over a year...I've been trying to track down this episode involving scenes focusing on Carmen's feet and footwear. Unfortunately, Carmen proved just as difficult to catch as she is on the show. Luckily (after chasing her around the world and back a couple of times), I was finally able to capture her. :-D Enjoy Guys!!

(These are from the Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego Episode: When it Rains. As a get to see Sarah Bellum's feet too. She's the one on the left. ^_^)

Ok...If you haven't seen this're probably wondering why are there two Carmens? Why are both of them barefoot? And why does everyone in the episode seem obsessed with Carmen's footwear? Well basically the plot of the episode involved one of Carmen's henchwomen (Sarah Bellum) imprisoning the real Carmen and impersonating her. The Detectives Zack and Ivy get captured by the fake Carmen as well. Luckily, the three of them manage to escape through the use of a device hidden inside Carmen's pump. (I couldn't believe it either ^_^) Zack and Ivy catch up and tangle with Bellum only to have that villainess lose one of her pumps as well causing everyone to wonders which fedora and trenchcoat wearing thief is which. to solve the mystery Zack brings out Carmen shoe (which he apparent kept to sniff later :-P) and Ivy uses it to figure out who is the real Carmen.* :-D

I was really thrilled when I first saw this episode. Carmen Sandiego is a really hot (not to mention a clever, crafty, and knowledgable villainess) and I had a crush on her since I saw her during the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego phone taps where she would order the other villains around (kudos to anyone who knows what I'm referring too). I always thought it would be the perfect scenario to have her as boss. Considering how often she is on her feet running around the world and escaping Acme Detectives... she probably enjoys making her servants give her a foot massage, worship her feet or using their face as a footstool whenever she pleases.

Well...It's time for me to close this case...but I'll be back to capture some more female feet for you in the future.

Do it Rockapella!!

*Ivy throws Carmen's pump to the real Carmen making a note of which hand she caught it in. The real Carmen is Right-Handed while Sara Bellum is Left Handed.'s the same trick Sherlock Holmes used. ^_^


  1. wow, not only did u manage to find Carmen but one where she reveals her lovely feet, a very hard catch indeed

  2. A Very rare find. Well done,KSC.

  3. where is the job ap for V.I.L.E. lol

  4. Ok, now this one is hot! I never thought a villainess like her would ever show her feet bared so randomly.

  5. My favorite lines in the episode:

    Carmen (taking off her pump and tossing it to Ivy: Catch Ivy!!

    Ivy catches Carmen's shoe and looks at it confused.

    Ivy: Huh? Thanks but pumps aren't my style Carmen.

  6. Also this one...
    Carmen's Henchmen(unable to determine which Carmen is which?): Huh? Which one is Carmen?

    Zack(imitating Sherlock Holmes): Process of deduction my dear ladies. The real Carmen is only wearing one shoe.

    The camera pans out to reveal both Carmen and the impostor missing one of their pumps

    Ivy: Now what Sherlock?

    Zack pulls Carmen's shoe out his jacket.

    Ivy (in disbelief): Carmen's shoe? You kept her shoe?.

    Zack (continuing with his Sherlock Holmes impersonation): Now the game is afoot and this is a shoe and I with my superior powers of deductive logic have fashioned a test...

    Ivy (sighing annoyed): We haven't got all day!!

  7. And they didn't take fingerprints and toeprints of them? Because I would have loved to!