Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Satsuki (Inuyasha) Bonus

Ok is a bonus for a Satsuki, one of the cute Inuyasha side characters.

(A huge thank you to Richfeet for these awesome caps)

Just a bit of a backstory. You guys can skip ahead if you want. :-) I was introduced to the Inuyasha anime by my Korean roomate Kevin in college. While I consider myself an avid anime fan, this guy was an even more hardcore anime lover than me. He not only ran his own sophisticated anime trading ring (at that time there was no Youtube to make things easy for us ^_^) from our dorm room supplying anime to the rest of college, he was even part of a fansub group. As a result I got exposed to a ton of cool series that I probably never would have watched on my own (Vampire Hunter D, Rurouni Kenshin, Rockman.EXE, Ayashi No Ceres, Trigun, Scryed, Star Ocean EX and Inuyasha (which had just aired its first couple of episodes in Japan at the time).)

When Kevin first introduced me to Inuyasha, I wasn't really that impressed. The most noticable thing to me was the main female protagonist looked like Sailor Mars. However, three or four episodes later...(about the time Yura showed up ^_^) I was completely hooked. Not only would I watch the episodes at school during the week, I would watch them again over the weekend with my brothers who always looked forward to seeing this anime as well. It used to be really exciting when a new Inuyasha episode would come out.

Well, as you guys can probably tell :-p, seeing this cute character again was really nostalgic for me and it was a pleasure to post this one. I really hope you guys like these.

Ok everyone, I suppose that's enough talk for one night. Thanks for bearing with me through a particularly wordy entry and as usual...more to come soon!!



  1. My introduction to Inuyasha was very different from yours, KSC. But yours in even more interesting than mine.

    Although I've failed to see how Kagome looks like Rei-chan. ??

  2. How did you get introduced to Inuyasha Kyle?

    As for the Kagome/Mars resemblance. Both have Black hair which neither of them usually ties off, round anime eyes and anime faces. Both girls have also been known to wear Schoolgirl and priestess clothing. Not only that but Mars wields a bow and arrow in the Sailor Moon videogames too.

    That said Mars is still way hotter than Kagome. :-D

  3. Oh. So that's where the similarities come from. And you're right; as cute as Kagome is, Rei is cuter. Although, if she actually tried, Rei could tie her hair. Just a thought. *shrugs shoulders*

    I introduced myself to this series by accident. Back when I was still in high school, I caught an episode of Inuyasha at 11:00pm (of course it was PM. When else would they show it?). Anyway, it was the episode where Inuyasha, Koga, and Ayame fought that giant hairball with a mouth. Although it didn't make sense to me at the time (that's what irks me about story arcs), I was still interested in it. Kind of like when I watched Aeon Flux. ;D

    After that night, I watched a few more episodes before I stopped altogether and waited for the series to start anew. The wait was worth it. I watched it from the very beginning every night at 11:00-11:30pm for the days to come. And now, it has become a favourite of mine since then. :D

  4. Oh yeah. Speaking of Aeon Flux, there was an episode (the first one) where one lucky son of a bitch got to worship the main character's feet. :D Keep that in mind for another bonus, Triton.

  5. KSC has already posted that bonus Kyle of Aeon Flux

    and Satsuki is the type where you just want to tickle her cute feet mercilessly

  6. KSC,I've posted the introduction to my fan fic on my blog. come check it out.

  7. Actually, there was another on with a different guy, Match. That's the one I was talking about. The one KSC posted was the pilot episode. I'm not kidding. There really is another one.

  8. I'd love to tickle Satsuki too Match.

    Thanks for the tip Kyle. It makes me want to find the full episodes of this series that much more.

  9. I did not know there so many feet in

  10. i think i recall two scenes with Kagome's soles. One was with the flesh eating mask and another was with a female flea

    but i still think it was a pain that they had Inuyasha barefoot all the time yet Kagome wore knee long socks

  11. ^_^ It's definitely great to see an anime girl barefoot Soulless.

    Inuyasha is one of those series that I have all the episodes collected on CD so I'll see if I can find those scenes Match. Yeah I thought the same thing when watching Inuyasha too. Barefoot scenes involving Kagome, Kikyo and Sango were definitely a rare treat.

  12. well i do remember the first ending song they would focus right on Kikiyo's bare feet

  13. Wow...all those episodes were awesome...Not only that...65 (the flea episode)has some amazing closeups on Sango's bare feet as well.I'll try and cap and post them soon.