Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Divergence Eve: Misaki Kureha

In the past few months I've posted my share of blondes, brunettes, redheads...I've even given quite a bit of attention to green, orange, purple, and pink haired girls.* I suppose it should have been obvious that blue haired girls would want some attention too. After spending a day with an angry mob of blue-haired women all intent on proving that their feet are just as awesome to worship, here is a tribute to one of their own.

(Another awesome combination of webfinds and anime caps from the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 making a point of why you should always watch the credits of an anime series all the way through. Thanks very much man!!)
I haven't had the chance to watch this series yet but I'm told that its a suprisingly dark anime with a huge amount of fan service. Seeing Misaki's very detailed soles are enough to put this one on my hit list.

Ok promised, here are some spotlights for the week!!


This week I'm going to continue with the transformation story spotlights. Unlike last week which focused on regular stories involving foot related transformations this one will deal with interactives. It's a lot of fun when interactives incorporate transformation into them because it just opens a variety of possibilities. If written well...a transformation interactive can make the reader feel like he/she is experiencing the transformation themselves.

To start things off... by amazing coincedence *whistles innocently* an awesome new chapter by the author J.F. involving you transforming into Supergirl's insole gives me just the excuse I needed to spotlight my own Comic Book Woman's Feet interactive again. :-D

Actually...I've been meaning to spotlight this story again for some time because eventhough I've been neglected it a lot lately...authors like J.F, ReverendFootlover, Mr. E, Sweaty Shoes, Treasura2007 and DDE2 have been keeping it going in the last few months with great additions to the Supergirl, Huntress, Jean Grey, and Mary Jane storylines. Thanks for helping out guys. up is the story Changes by Asukafan2001 (yup him)
This story deals with a variety of animal/inanimate object transformation...but there is a pretty nice section involving transformation into footwear.

The last two are by the author Gilgamesh. While these stories are primarily shrinking stories, they do offer the possibility of transformation fun. The story Shrunken Girl on Campus involves a college girl getting shrunken and tortured by the other girls on campus in different ways including some very unique transformations.

While the story Phoenix Wright: Ace "little" Attorney
offers the possibility of transforming Ace into a variety of different objects.

Alright everyone, Officer Jenny, Sailor Neptune, Star Ocean's Maria and the Gym leader Claire are back for a second round of footworship so I have to go.

Have a nice evening and as usual...more to come soon!!


*Huge props to anyone who could name one of each type that I posted.


  1. sadly the ending is the only time where she does give off a sole shot. throughout the series the lovely beauties of Watcher's Nest wear boots or a strange sock that exposes their heels and toes

  2. Sweet ass, Triton! I was wondering when you were going to put up Miss Kureha! :D

  3. So you're worshiping Michiru's feet huh? better not let Haruka catch you.

  4. You better listen to Stefan, buddy. Haruka wouldn't take too kindly to that. :(

    I, on the other hand, am liked by Haruka, especially since I'm her biggest fan. She asks me to give the occasionally foot rub now and then, so we're good friends.

  5. Haruka and Michiru are my friends too,Kyle.

  6. Yeah, who doesn't like those beautiful women? :)

  7. In fact,i love them so much,that I'm gonna have a tribute to them soon on stefan's world.

  8. Good idea, Stefan. In fact, I have another idea. Maybe you could put up that tickling story about Haruka and Michiru on dA?

  9. That really is a shame Match since those ending credit soles looked really gorgeous. I'd gladly volunteer to take off their footwear for them.

    You've seen this series before Kyle? Do you recommend it?

    I'll try not to get caught SFD. ^_^

  10. Great shot's of her bare soles-proof positive that the Japanese can animate feet in an excellent manner.

  11. Sure, it's watchable. Go ahead and look for it, Triton. :)

  12. 3rd one down is the best. screw it theyre all great