Sunday, January 4, 2009

Death Note: Misa's Socked Feet (Bonus)

For me to do a tribute to a girl's socked feet, one of three things has to occur. The girl has to be really really pretty, the pictures of her socked feet have to be really really good or the situation involving her socked feet has to be a really good scene. In the case of Death Note's Misa Amane...It's all of the above.

(These pictures are a combination of caps from various Death Note episodes and a couple of hot Misa webfinds from around the internet. Once again I have to give a Huge Thank You to author and Death Note aficionado Mr. E for finding all of these pictures and scenes.)

Is it me or does that cake look really delicious? I really like Misa a lot. Not only is she incredibly beautiful but she's also smart, funny and totally devoted to the person she cares for. In the Death Note anime this character managed to steal every scene she was in even if it was only a cameo appearance.* It is a shame that Light definitely doesn't appreciate her nearly enough in the show. If I was her boyfriend I would worship the ground she walks on.

Ok go along with this bonus, I have a story spotlight for you...


The Death Note Shrink/GTS interactive
This story authored by Mr. E. (yes that Mr. E) himself, involves a Shrunken Light dealing with gigantic Death note girls. My favorite threads involve both Misa and Sayu torturing Light with their feet. There are also some nice pictures involving a shrunken Light and the Death Note girls posted there as well.

Ok everyone that's it for now. I have one more Death Note bonus to post and I'm saving the best for last. Have a great day guys!!


*Think I'm exaggerating? Take a look at this cap and tell me which of the three characters your eyes go to.


  1. I wouldn't eat that cake. It's squished and the floor made it dirty. And although Misa does look pretty, I didn't really like her that much. Sorry. :(

    BTW, did you know that Stefan is writing a fanfiction that deals with the Quintet of Darkness?

  2. Well...I'm considering how the cake was squished in my reasoning Kyle. ^_^; This particular taste is subjective though.

    As for Misa, I really like her a lot. Maybe not as much as Ino, Sailor Mars, or Azula but she definitely rocks.

    A Quintet of Darkness fanfiction? That should be interesting.

  3. It could be just me, but I found the character of Misa a modern day, blonde haired, gothic Stepin Fetchit. After a few episodes of her, I said out loud, "Jar Jar Binks, meet your new best friend."

    And even though seeing her barefoot and bound in a straitjacket while standing on a cold floor (the bonus you said you were going to put up) was appealing, my view of her didn't change a bit, I'm afraid. And despite my disdain towards her, it didn't change my mind about writing a tickling story with her in it.

    Yes, Stefan is planning to write a fanfiction (probably a series) about the Quintet of Darkness. And knowing his views towards them, you can bet that they'll be the villains. In fact, I've been giving Stefan some ideas about what could be in his fanfic.

  4. darn those accursed socks, but it doesnt matter to me. i just cant stand the airhead types

  5. wow. ... .....
    awesome job KSC =D
    one of three ? all 3 for sure !!!!!

  6. You and me both, Match. Although, Mihoshi is one of those airheads that I actually like. Not only that, but we also got to see her bare feet. :D

  7. true, for some reason she is probably the only airhead i dont hate. maybe its because her air head antics are actually funny instead of annoying

  8. Orihime's pretty funny too, just like Mihoshi. But I can't think of any others that aren't boring and a waste of ink and imagination.

  9. not for me, even though she has the highest grades in school she must have cheated. she is just so stupid


    She looks hot, though I prefer bare feet to socked, obviously. I usually don't have a problem with girls personalities at all, aside from Hinata. She just doesn't work in the particular stories I like because she's just shy, and not assertive enough.

    Death Note is one of those shows I haven't watched. I mean to watch it, but never get around to it.

    And XD at the Jar Jar Binks reference.

  11. Thanks Torborg. I made that reference because those two are very similar to each other. Not only that, but isn't it funny that the character's name is "Misa"? XD

  12. Cheating, you say? You know, that just gave me an idea for a story.

  13. Oh yes, where are my manners? Thank you for inspiring this new idea, Match. :)

  14. Don't worry, Match. You'll see what I mean one day. ;)