Thursday, January 29, 2009

American Maid Bonus 2

Some more of American Maid. This time she encounters an enemy so powerful that *gasp* not even both her shoes could stop him. O_O

(These were capped from the Tick episode: The Tick vs Proto Clown. A Special Thank you to StreetFighterDash for tipping me off to this episode.)

Superheroines could definitely learn a thing or two from American Maid. :-D

Ok everyone...that's it for today...but as usual, more to come soon!!


  1. I knew you'd post these. Well done,KSC. BTW,check out my Mega Man Fanfics on DA.

  2. "When your shoes can't help you, use your feet!!" -- (Chun Li while training American Maid after this episode)