Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gi Bonus (Part 3): Updated w/Spotlights

Ok are the third and final set of Gi caps. Enjoy everyone!!

(These were capped from the Captain Planet episode "Sea No Evil" another episode with enough barefoot scenes of Gi to give it a bonus of its own. Once again I have to give a Massive-Sized Thank You to Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots) for booking this planeteer and getting her to model for us this weekend. ^_^)

Alright guys, as much as I'd like to have her stay here, Gi has to go back to saving the planet now. She did say that she really enjoyed her visit (she told me that this is the first blog she's been to where the staff offers foot massages to its guests) so there's hope that she'll come back and pay us a visit and encourage us to protect the environment again.

That will do it for this weekend.

Until Next Time Remember...The Power is Yours!! ^_^

Huh? What's that? I forgot something? Oh right. ^_^; *Feels Torborg's glare*

Here are some spotlights for this week.

Hopefully I'll actually be able to return to posting these on Friday soon. This week I'd like to Spotlight a couple of Transformation stories. I always found it an extremely hot situation where a character finds themselves transformed into an object underneath a woman's feet to be used and tortured by her. It's the ultimate form of domination/humiliation. These are a couple of my favorites in that genre:

The Differences between Like and Love: Episode Two: The Daughter by Asukafan2001
A man finds himself transformed into his Daughter's sneaker. Transformation lovers will really enjoy this one. Btw...Asuka's website is one of the best archives for Shrinking/GTS stories (a ton of them foot related) on the net. It's definitely worth checking this site out

De Anima Capta by Eponymous
Metaphysical story about a person who find himself trapped in a woman's insole. Really hot!!

Genie's Toes by Ashi Koi
This ones a really short one but I liked it very much. I don't not spoil it with a synopsis.

Gift by Undersole2002

Undersole is the master of this type of story and this is one of my favorites. Basically the premise of this story is that a girl decides to transform her stepbrother into her footstool and tortures him under her feet. One of the best transformation stories out there.

Ok, that's basically it for now. As usual more to come soon!!


  1. and we defiantly enjoyed her coming and showing off her lovely asian feet. who wouldnt be convinced to save the planet by just the wiggle of her cute toes

  2. Captain Pollution was my favorite Captain Planet villain.

    Good work,Triton. Those barefoot caps of Gi are really awesome.

  3. Oh yeah...I liked Captain Pollution too. Evil Twins rock!!

  4. Yup,and so do dudes with obnoxious surfer dude accents.

  5. Great post of Gi's beautiful feet. Can you also get pictures of the feet of the Russian girl as well?

  6. sorry i wont be able to help with that, i was never a fan of hers back when it was on and had a blind eye to her barefoot scenes

  7. Well...without Match's will probably be pretty difficult since I have a pretty limited knowledge of the series but I'll see what I can do. I know Linka is barefoot in a couple of the episodes that Gi was but if anyone knows of any other good scenes involving her tell me and I'll try to cap them too.

  8. I like GI's hi-top Giboks (As I like to call Gi's sneakers)