Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Death Note: Misa's Bare Feet

Ok...It looks like a lot of you want to Misa barefoot. Well don't say I never give you what you want. :-D Eventhough I thought that Cake scene was enough to raise the temperature of this blog to over 100 degrees...I'm gonna really push the limit with one. Enjoy guys!!!

(Once again I have to give a huge thank you to Mr. E for tracking down this entire bonus including some really hot webfinds.)

I found out with the last bonus that there are actually a couple of Misa-haters out there. How anybody could manage to refrain from groveling at this gothic blonde bombshell's feet is completely beyond me. This girl is awesome.

Anyway, that basically covers the Death Note girls. Hope you guys liked them and as usual...more to come soon!!!


  1. I think some people misunderstood me a little. Although Misa is kind of like a Japanese, blonde Stepin Fetchit and the human equivalent to Jar Jar Binks, she does look cute, I won't deny that. And I also admit that her feet don't look too bad either, especially in that scene where she was held captive. But like I said, those were the only things I liked about her, I'm afraid. :(

  2. she temps us and yet gives no clear sole shot

  3. Another thing that sucks about her, right Match?

  4. Cut her a little slack guys. At least she actually takes off her footwear in her anime unlike some people.

    *Gives Lunamaria, Tashigi and Flannery dirty looks*

  5. Still not paying attention, KSC. I keep saying that although she's not my favourite animated character, she does have nice feet. In fact, a long time ago, they inspired a fanfiction with her as the main character, and she gets tickled on that spot.

    And you're a fine one to talk about cutting someone slack. I mean, it wasn't exactly her decision. Give my buddy "Luna" a chance, man.

  6. You've written a fanfiction involving her Kyle?

    Although I do think comparing her to Jar Jar (in any way) is pretty harsh, I meant that at least we actually get to see Misa barefoot a few times.

    As for Lunamaria, 50 episodes and not a single barefoot scene involving her, that's real teasing. :(

  7. misas hot there no doubt about that shes one of my favorite girls on the show and hopefully there will be a clear sole shot if they remake it one day

  8. I got bad news for you Mr.E, in How to Read 13, it was explained that Misa killed herself one year after Light died. Unable to live because she kept feeling that something was missing in her life.

  9. Spoiler Alert Above!!! yeah i know her fate i meant if they completely Remake the show in about 5 to 10 years because its so popular

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