Friday, January 9, 2009

Captain Planet: Gi Bonus (Part One)

Ok everyone...It's time for me to present a bonus that was months in the making...a tribute to the attractive Planeteer Gi.

(These were capped from the Captain Planet pilot episode and the episodes "The Predator", "I Lost My Mayan" and one of the many PSA announcements. I really have to give a massive sized thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for tracking down all these episodes and being incredibly patient as this bonus took me particularly long to cap.)

The great thing about Gi is that in addition to working to save the environment, she also doubles as a Marine Biologist and Gymnast which basically means (as Match so aptly put it), she's barefoot a lot. In fact I was able to get so many caps of her that I was able to split this bonus into three lengthy segments so you guys have a whole weekend full of tributes to this lovely asian girl to look forward to. ^_^

Ok everyone. I got back pretty late tonight so I'm going to have to end my entry here. I'll try to post the spotlights and futures plans later this weekend. Also I'd also like to apologize for running a little behind on my e-mail and comment responses lately. ^_^; I'll try and catch up on them soon.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone and Go Planet!!!


  1. trying to save the planet never looked so great. what a great 3 part bonus this is going to be

  2. About time you did some more American made ladies.