Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gi Bonus (Part 2)

As is some more of the cute Marine biologist. Enjoy Guys!!

(These were capped from the Captain Planet episode: "The world below us". One again a huge thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for rounding up these Captain Planet episodes)

I was going to post all the Gi caps into one big Mega bonus but then this episode showed up with enough barefoot scenes for a bonus of its own. Of the Captain Planet episodes where Gi shows her bare feet, this one probably had the most barefoot moments...well with the possible exception of one other episode. ;-)

See you guys soon!! ^_^
-K. S. Castle


  1. the only bad thing is that she was barefoot this entire ep with no clear sole shot pic. Other than that one cant help but feel jealous for the lucky man that would be ber boyfriend

  2. Actually,match,the only bad thin is that there were no Close-Ups.

    Gi is pretty though.

  3. Yeah I agree guys which is why I ultimately chose "Sea No Evil" to close with eventhough it had less caps than this episode did. :-D That Sole close up when Gi was pulled from the tank was just too good.

    Of the second set though...I really like the tenth from the bottom. That picture is hot.