Friday, January 16, 2009

Animatrix Beyond (Bonus)

Here's a nice follow up to the last set of Animatrix caps. A tribute to the pink-haired cutie Yoko. Enjoy guys!!

(These are from the Animatrix short Beyond. A huge thanks to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for letting me know about this girl.)

An interesting sidenote about this set is that Beyond's Art director was Kōji Morimoto who also directed the Akira anime. Even more interesting is that Yoko is voiced by Hedy Burress who also does the voice of Final Fantasy's Yuna. For some reason that just makes this character seem even more appealing to me. :-)

Ok everyone...that all for tonight. As usual...more to come soon!!!


  1. glad you liked her, she was my favorite in that series of shorts

  2. That's right, buddy. Not only is she voiced by the woman who did Yuna, but she looks like the High Summoner herself (excep she has pick hair and no cute cowlick on the sie).

  3. She's definitely an attractive girl and the Yuna comparison just seems to make her all the more hotter.

    Gonna go take a cold shower now and try get the Hot springs and Dance scenes out of my head.

  4. dont forget about the other pink haired beauty i sent you KSC

  5. Now now, KSC. That Dance scene made me feel sad. Sure she was barefoot in that scene, but it didn't make the sending any less tragic. It was her character that made me love her.