Friday, August 7, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Maddie (Bonus)

Here's another sexy redheaded villainess for you guys. The extra hot world 3 net operator Maddie. Enjoy everyone!!

(These are even more scenes from the Imfamous Rockman Exe Swimsuit episode (27). You can really imagine my frustration with 4kids for getting ahold of the copyright and then subsequently deciding to cut this fanservice episode completely. Once again I have to give a massive thank you to the Master of Sole Shots Match25 for helping me track down this ultra-rare episode. )

This is one of the set of caps that I actually tucked away saving for this particular villainess bonus. Actually you guys have Maddie to thank for causing me to remember the swimsuit episode at all. It was while Match and I were trying to think of villainess to post for this bonus that I thought of Maddie and her mouthwatering swimsuit scene this episode.

Maddie is actually one of my huge anime/videogame crushes. Even before the anime came out, her gorgeous looks and sharp tongue grabbed my attention in the Megaman battle network games causing me to daydream about what her feet were like. Speaking of the games...I should probably mention that while the Rockman Exe anime is good, the games are a lot better. If you have check out that series.

Looking at Maddie's footwear combination of sneakers and socks...I picture that her feet must get really sweaty and hot netbattling in them. One of my favorite fantasies involving her has this world three operative removing her footwear and spending the day just rubbing her sweaty feet in my face and forcing me to smell them. Speaking of hot are a couple of spotlights this week. ;-)

A lot of really good chapters this week...

First off lets start with the interactive that I'm connected with...Comic Book Women's Feet.
Once again I really have to thank a string of authors for adding to this interactive including Breakthewalls, Mrcool213, and DDe2. You guys totally rock. My favorite additions this week were chapters involving licking Batgirl's feet and having your face used by Helena for a special type of exercise. ;-)

Ok next Mr. Cool's Anime Face Massage Therapy interactive ( for its awesome thread involving being dominated by Princess Ashe's feet written by the author Papaiaman. There really should by more foot fetish stories involving this lovely princess. :-D

It seems I can't go a spotlight without mention at least two of Mr. Cool's interactives in one post. The second of his stories to grab my attention this week, Beneath Your Big Sister's Smelly Feet
(, is due to a new chapter involving you acting as footstool to your sister and her friends written by the talented Mrcool213.

Ok...continuing to break out some awesome new additions this week is author Breakthewall's Foot Fetish Mansion interactive ( for its new additions involving DBZ's Pan and the sorceress Jaina's feet written by its moderator and the author Dr. Awesome Funk. I think that its safe to say these chapters would make you smile. ^_^

Another new interactive that I want spotlight this week is Summer Memories by the author Disregard. The premise of the story involves a young boy spending the summer discovering more about himself through his foot fetish. One of the great thing about this story is there are a lot of interesting female characters and personalities for the main character to explore his fetish with including a hyperactive chick, a semi-goth, an artistic girl, a Craaazy girl ^_^, and a school princess type. There are also three teachers to choose from as well. My favorite threads of the story so far involve the main character winding up at the feet of his teachers Ms. Morrow and Ms. Liz as well as his classmate Jessie (gotta love goths) written by its moderator and the author Vincanity. I should probably give you a fair warning with this one...some of the chapters are well above a PG rating. last spotlight of the week involves some chapters written for Retrogamer's Anime Foot Fetish Fantasy interactive. Hee hee...I was wondering when my next opportunity to spotlight this story would be. The chapters of note involve sucking Captain Syrup's toes (I love this character), giving Princess Daisy a foot massage and sniffing Princess Peach's footwear. The authors involved in these addition include Haxx0rs and DDe2. Have fun reading everybody. ^_^


All right...that's going to do it for now but don't worry, there's more villainess action coming up soon!!
Logging out...


  1. I saw your recent additions too, KSC; how corny can you get?

    Maddie is good too. :)

  2. mmm they would get all warm and soft in those socks. These villianesses work very hard at what they do, no wonder they invaded this sight as they know we will massage their weary feet to our hearts content

  3. You refer of course to Raven. ^_^ Sorry couldn't help it with that one. ^_^;

    Yeah Maddie's one of my favorite Megaman girls. :-D

  4. Yeah Match those villainesses really know how to take advantage of our foot fetishes. *Shakes head* I feel so used. Not that I'm complaining. :-D

  5. Great pics, Maddie is a cutie ^_^

    Also, thanks for the spotlight though I'm still waiting you to eventually spotlight a certain chapter that involves Ino and Sakura in the near future ;)

  6. another barefoot redhead! things just keep getting better.