Friday, September 16, 2016

Ranma 1/2: Kodachi Kuno

Just a quick one tonight guys... a tribute to Kodachi Kuno aka the Black Rose of St. Hebereke High School. ^_^
(Most of these are from Ranma Episode 154. There also a webfind panup of Kodachi from another episode in the mix as well. ^_^)

I initially wasn't planning to do a tribute to Kodachi but like the other Ranma girls she had some good scenes in the Ranma swimsuit episode "The Battle for Miss Beachside" so I went ahead and capped her too.

Kodachi is known as the Black Rose of St. Hebereke school for girls. She is the sister of one of Ranma's rivals. Kodachi is an expert at Rhythmic gymnastic martial arts and wields a gymnastic ribbon as a weapon. In the Manga and Anime she develops a crush on the main character Ranma but doesn't know that he is cursed to transform into a girl when he is hit with water. Believing the male and female versions of Ranma are two different people, she views his female half as a rival.  

Of the girls who are attracted to Ranma, Kodachi is probably the most volatile. She is the type of girl who would do anything to get what she wants and she is not above using underhanded tactics to achieve her goal. In the series she drugs her opponents or sabotages their equipment just so she could win. She is quite skilled at using poisons and paralytics are incorporated into many of her attacks.

Kodachi comes from a rich family and as a result is pretty spoiled. She also the trope codifier for the Noblewoman laugh, a type of aristocratic laugh attributed to spoiled Anime women.

Ok guys... unlike Nabiki and Ukyo (Both of which I attempted to cap all the barefoot material for), Kodachi definitely has some other scenes that I didn't find and cap yet. I'm not a huge fan of hers but if you like her let me know and I'll try and post some more episodes/scenes involving her. 

Also sidenote... Does Kodachi remind anyone of Kagura from Inuyasha (another anime character drawn by Rumiko Takahashi). I think in terms of appearance they could pretty much be twins.

All right everyone... have a great weekend and more to come soon!


  1. sorry if i bother but did somebody maybe knows if in ranma is a scene where a character gets spin around like this?

    1. It seems possible but I don't remember that off the top of my head. If I come across them... I'll let you know.

    2. hi dude sorry for bother just wanna ask, did you remmenber something like that now?

    3. hi dude sorry for bother just wanna know did you find something like that now?

    4. Still no luck. :-( The characters in this anime seem to move too fast. The closesst I've seen to an over the head move are characters leapfrogging over opponents to dodge the attack.

    5. oh i see, don't worry dude thanks for searching ;D

  2. Replies
    1. Close... tonight is Kasumi but Shampoo will be after her.

  3. My second favorite Ranma girl, great work on all these ranma posts =D