Sunday, September 4, 2016

Wrestle Angel Survivor: Miyuki Sanada

Ok tonights tribute is to Miyuki Sanada aka Burning Sanada. ^_^

(Once again a Massive Thank You to Double A)

Miyuki's the perfect wrestler for foot fans. She a Kick Chick utilizing and specializing in Kicking attacks. Her finishing move is even a High Kick. In the ring she is known as "The Fireball Girl" possibly because of how quick and energetic a competitor she is. Miyuki is named for Sanada Yukimura... one of the Brave Japanese Generals during the Edo period.

Miyuki seems like she would be a lot of fun to go up against in a match. Imagine getting kicked around by her cute feet several times during the match. She'd probably have a lot of fun with that teasing you as her feet knock you around. It probably would also be fun to take care of her feet after a match as well knowing how much she uses them in a fight. ^_^

Ok everyone... That's all for tonight. Definitely more to come.

Until next time guys!