Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Green Lantern: Bleez

I've been reading the Green Lantern series recently for the female Green Lantern Jessica Cruz (more on her in a future post). A recent issue of the comic though had a sexy female Red Lantern as the primary antagonist. Just having the Red Lantern (her name is Bleez) is hot in itself. Bleez wears a tight spandex uniform and she seems to have a sultry dominatrix thing going on. However what made the issue even better was that during the course of the comic, the Green Lantern Simon Baz managed to absorb the Red Lantern's rage knocking her back into her normal form. It turns out that Bleez actual form without her uniform on is a barefoot angel. ^_^
(Various Webfinds of Bleez including a recent barefoot moment from the current Green Lanterns series Issue 3)

For those that don't know much about the Red Lanterns, they powers are basically fueled by Rage. Bleez origin is that she's a Havanian Princess. The Havanians are basically a species of Angel looking aliens. As a princess was carefree and spoiled looking down on those she considered beneath. Her mother tried to set her up with different suitors but she rejected all of them preferring her freedom. One of those suitors turned out to be a Yellow Lantern who murdered Bleez's mother and took her as his slave. Helpless against the power of Yellow Lantern, all Bleez could really do was feel anger towards him and her situation. Her rage drew the attention of a Red Power Ring which joined with her giving her the power she needed to defeat her captor and making her a Red Lantern.

As a Lantern, Bleez has certain powers. She can fly, create wormholes/portals, move objects telekinetically via her ring, create energy constructs with her mind such as forcefields, shields and light beams and she can control the temperature around her. She also has  Red Lantern specific powers such  as the ability to drawn the power of other lanterns with her ring. Bleez is also able to create mirages, and spit acid out of her mouth. As a Havanian, Bleez also has pinpoint accuracy being able to throw and aim things with incredible precision.

It's important to note that Bleez's Red Lantern costume is almost  the opposite of her normal appearance giving her a more devil like look. She definitely easily falls into the sexy villainess category and like a lot of bad girls it  would be a lot of fun to be at her feet.

Ok everyone... I'm posting early cause I'm going to be at the Baseball game tonight. Have a great evening and definitely more to come soon!


  1. With blood and rage of crimson red,
    We fill mens' souls with darkest dread,
    And twist your minds to pain and hate.
    We'll burn you all—that is your fate! :-)

    1. Oh you used the PG version? Well that's the one they use in GL the Animated Series anyway.

      With blood and rage of crimson red,
      Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
      Together with our hellish hate,
      We'll burn you all--That is your fate!

    2. Hehe, nice. I bought a ring and battery off of eBay, and made up a backstory of how it came to me and everything!

    3. @HDS I really need to watch the GL Animated series. It would help fill in the gaps in my Green Lantern knowledge. ^_^

      Yes that's the original oath used in the comic books. :-) It didn't pull any punches with prose evoked imagery lol. ^_^

      @ Layne. That's really cool. :-)

    4. @KSC Yeah... I only watched the first season but it was good for a Saturday Morning Kids Show lol. I mean it wasn't kiddie kiddie but they did tone down the Red Lanterns (No acid, cursing or hearts exploding, in fact Razor had his ring confiscated when Hal captured him and he was perfectly fine.) And the sexuality of the Star Sapphires, they're just flirty middle school level romance lol. But anyway what I watched was good :-) New characters like the Ship AI/Robot Aya are fun :-) Yeah I learned a bunch from it, like how Blue Lanterns amplify the power of Green.

      For sure lol.

    5. @Layne :-)

      @HDS :-) Hopefully I will get the chance to marathon watch the series. ^_^ The lighter touch is understandable because they want to make it available to more viewers. Heh heh the Star Sapphires are another reason that I really want to watch the series as well. O.O Those characters are new to me too. Lol not that long ago my knowledge of the Lantern spectrum was limited to Green and Yellow. (At the time my only exposure to Green Lantern was Justice League Unlimited and GL's guest appearances in some of the Superman comics.) When Blackest Night came around... I was like Whoa there are other colors? ^_^;

    6. @ KSC Let me know if Season Two is good lol. I stopped watching when the timeslot changed and it was too early for me to consistently get up lol. Was also too lazy to find a video viewing site as well. A Night Owl I am through and through xD Yeah Star Sapphires are fun :-) Yeah I believe Lego Batman III made me research the other colors but it may have been prior to that. Memory hazy, ha ha. That seems to be most people's reaction. I think there's a funny Game Theory episode on Lego Batman III and the Lanterns, it also includes the character I'm still mad that got a slot... Bat-Cow -_- I realize they need joke characters like Daffy Duck as the Green Loontern but honestly of all the DC characters... Like Queen Bee *Cough cough* But I'm ranting about characters in a Lego game xD

    7. Sure. ^_^ Heh heh... The Night Life rules. :-D Yeah a lot of colors to mess with. Lol Bat Cow. Although I have to admit the Cow Jumps over the Moon Quest was pretty Witty. Yeah definitely should have added Queen Bee into the mix. ^_^

    8. Lol yup. The epic night life of posting on internet forums. #badass xD Yeah lol. Well yeah, humor points. But you know, we all have our favorites lol

    9. Lol yup and videogames. :-D Yeah. I'm really impressed that the Lego games had so many characters available in it though of course there are some other ones that I would have been thrilled to see over Batcow too. ^_^

    10. Yup lol. Yeah... They have huge rosters but... I'm wondering how their selection process goes... *Meanwhile, chimps throw darts at a board with names on it in the TT Games offices.*

  2. OH wow love Bleez this is amazing XD

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. ^_^ Yeah she rocks. :-)

  3. Members of the Red Lantern Corps represent!